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Shighra Vivaha Yantra

Shighra Vivaha Yantra

Shighra Vivaha Yantra is worshiped to get married at right age. It also increases the chances of getting married. It has the power to destroy the obstacles that comes in your way of getting married. This Sheeghra Vivaha Yantra has inscribed with divine power that helps the worshipper to get married at the right age without any delays. It facilitates in eradicating karmic blockages that delay the process of marriage. This Bhojpatra shighra vivah Yantra has many benefits if it is properly worshipped so that you no longer should wait for getting married at the right age.

Significance of Shighra Vivaha Yantra

  • The Shighra Vivaha Yantra is inscribed with immense powers that can even be used by couples who are already married
  • This Yantra is also useful for the couple who are facing interferences in their relationship
  • The Shighra Vivaha Yantra can eradicate the obstacles who are facing problems in being together due to the parent’s disapproval
  • If you think your marriage is influenced by others interference and hence you want to overcome from such situations, then this Yantra is an ideal option for you

Sthapana of Shighra Vivaha Yantra

  • The Shighra Vivaha Yantra has to be place at religious place in your home, shop or office
  • Ensure that you complete all rituals for the sthapana of this Yantra

Shower some flowers and ganga jaal on the Yantra to receive blessings.

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