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Shoja, the city of meadows
Features of the city of Shoja
Shoja is a beautiful city, located on the amazing city of the Himalaya. While traveling to this beautiful city, will find the lush green landscapes. The presence of this lush green vegetation makes this site into a must see traveling spot in Himachal Pradesh. According to experts, Shoja has gained its name from the Beas River. The presence of this river near the beautiful Beas River, gave this name to this small city. If you are looking for a comfortable and calm holiday destination among nature, then this is the right destination for you.

Interesting locations in Shoja

    • Sarolsar Lake-While traveling this small city of Himachal Pradesh, you will come across different small and big lakes of Himalaya. Among these lakes, one of the most remarkable one is Sarolsar Lake. To go to this beautiful lake, the traveler needs to use the walking trails of the Jalori Pass. After walking for a certain distance, this green tree surrounded blue water lake will appear before the traveler. Inside this lake, different birds will be found. Another interesting factor of this lake is that, its water never gets dirty by the leaves. Near this lake, you will find a shrine of the Goddess Budhi Nagin.
    • Waterfalls-If you love morning walk and photography, then you will come across this beautiful creation of nature on your walking trails. If you can manage a walking amidst the green forest by crossing small hurdles, then you may get a refreshing view of this waterfall. The chilled uncorrupted water of this waterfall will make you feel exotic.
    • Jalori Pass-This mountain pass is located on 3,134m.This pass connected the internal and external part of the beautiful Seraj Valley. While crossing this beautiful site, you will find the shrine of Jalori Mata temple. Here the Goddess is worshipped as a form of Kali. According to local beliefs, this Goddess is considered as the protector of this hill area.

      Apart from offering a puja in the Jalori Mata temple, this site is a popular destination for the trekkers. In this you will find the Youth Hostel Association of India to organize different trekking programs of Himalaya. Most of the adventure lovers travel this place to enjoy a mountain bike riding experience. From this beautiful site trekkers can gain their every required support for trekking.
    • Raghupur fort-This historic fort of Shoja is located 3,450 m above the sea level. When you come across this fort, you will find that this beautiful to be surrounded by the huge ditches. Near this ancient fort you will find a small pond. The specialty of the fort is that, here you will find a beautiful construction for using bullets. Inside this Fort area, you will notice a beautiful camping ground that offers a beautiful view of the Tirthan valley. Apart from watching this beautiful valley, you can take a walk to its nearby oak tree surrounded meadows.  The fresh and fine environment of these meadows will make you to get a special experience of walking among nature.

Things to buy in Shoja
Woollen garments- As this site is surrounded by the innocence of nature, so when you travel this place, may not get a chance to buy branded products. Still, you may opt for the handmade woollen products that are made from the genuine wools of the sheep.


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