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Shvetarak Ganpati

Shvetarak Ganpati

The literal meaning of Sanskrit word Shvetark Ganapati or Shwetark Ganesh is Ganapati/ Ganesh made of white Calatropis. Normally, the plant of Calatropis, also called Aak or Madaar in India, has bluish flowers, but in very rare cases, this plant bears white flowers. This rare plant is ascribed as Shwetark. 

The root of this rare plant is taken out strictly as per method prescribed in the ancient scriptures, only at a very auspicious well-chosen time. After peeling off the bark and covering from this root, a shape resembling Lord Ganesh is found out. With the help of carpenter, the root may be properly shaped and refined.

Shvetark Ganapati so prepared is very powerful for attainment of Siddhis in Tantra system. It is considered one of the purest and rarest sacred items to be used in Tantra. All types of Sadhnas, Vaam or Dakshina, may be done before Shvetark Ganapati idol or Shvetark Ganapati photo. When installed in any home, it removes all types of negative and evil vibrations from the premises and fills with positive and soothing energy. One can attain highest orders of spiritual powers, after doing Sadhna before Shvetark Ganapati idol.

Shwetark Ganpati, considered personification of Lord Ganesha, causes highest blessings of the Lord Ganpati (the lord of Ganas), as well as Lord Shiva (one among the Hindu Trinity of Gods). Possession of Shwetark Ganpati is considered to confer a person with health, wealth, harmony and success in all ventures. Normally, ‘’® suggests reciting of ‘Ganesh Atharva Sheersha’ before Shwetark Ganpati. Once, awakened, Shwetark Ganesh idol makes all the impossible things possible.

If required by our clients, detailed procedure and all the required materials e.g. specific rosary (Mala), specific cloth, vermilion etc. for installing and worshipping Shwetark Ganpati and mantra specific to you, to be recited by you may be sent by  ‘’® to you along with your Shwetark Ganesh. If you require so, we energize and consecrate your Shwetark Ganpati, before sending to you, as per your specific and precise objective.

We want to stress here that while other eBays, websites, companies and E-shops claim (and in rare cases actually do) to energize and program Shwetark Ganpati, and pre-program for specific purpose(s). But  ‘’® not only energizes and pre-programs Shwetark Ganpati for specific purpose(s), but also specially programs the same for a specific individual or family, as the case may be. Here we offer you reasonable Shwetark Ganpati price. Here we offer you reasonable Shwetark Ganpati price.

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