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Spinach Dumplings In Tomato Gravy /palak kofta curry

This is an adaptation of the Italian Molfetta. It is a Saatvik variation made without using any Garlic or Onions without compromising with the taste. Now get the solution to your queries e.g. how to make Spinach Dumplings in Tomato Gravy, how to cook palak kofta curry, how to prepare Spinach Dumplings In Tomato Gravy. This is an easy recipe for a complete vegetarian healthy food.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 30 minutes
Makes 6 servings


For The Spinach Dumplings

Spinach (Palak) Dumplings

For the Tomato Gravy

1 kg Tomatoes
3 to 4 tsp Sugar
1/2 tsp dried Oregano
1/2 tsp Chilli Powder
100 gms fresh Cream
Salt to taste

For The Decoration

2tsp of grated processed Cheese


For the Tomato Gravy

  • Boil the Tomatoes without any water. Blend in a Mixer and strain.
  • Add the Sugar, Oregano, Chilli powder and Salt and boil for a few minutes.
  • Add half the Cream.

How to proceed

  • Immerse the Dumplings in hot water for a few seconds.
  • Remove and arrange on a serving Dish.
  • Just before serving, pour the boiling Tomato Gravy over the Dumplings. Spread the balance Cream on top. Top with Cheese. If you wish, bake in a hot Oven at 200 Degree C (400 degree F) for about 5 minutes. and Serve hot.


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