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Sumeru Kachhap Sriyantra

Sumeru Kachhap Sriyantra

Sumeru Kachhap Sriyantra is one of the most favourable, significant and influential Yantras. It is considered an illustration of the Hindu vision of the evolution of the universe. Sumeru Kachhap Sriyantra blesses us with lots of wealth, peace, fame, authority, power, success and fortune.

What is Sriyantra?

Shri Yantra is the auspicious and rare Yantra for the welfare of common man. "Kachaap Shri Yantra" is a three dimensional Yantra. Tortoise is an important symbol of wealth, landscape, protection and freedom in Feng Shui. Kacchap (Tortoise) works as an assistance to Vastu defect correction as it has enormous power to harmonize the surroundings around us.

It is believed that the Sumeru Kacchap over its back pick up weight of the earth. Lord Kachhap is an avtar (incarnation of Deity Vinshnu) and the king of the yantra is Shree Yantra. When this powerful three dimensional yantra is placed on the back of the tortoise, then its power and auspiciousness multiplied.

This holy item has been used for millennia by royals, men and political experts willing for achieving power, fame and financial success. It is considered to be useful for achieving financial gain, business growth, wellbeing, luck, name and fame.

Sumeru Kachhap Sriyantra Benefits:

  • Sumeru Kachhap Sriyantra increases the strength and stability.
  • It protects against all the harmful effects.
  • Sumeru Kachhap Sriyantra gives the luck and wealth
  • It helps to overcome the complications and problems in life.
  • Sumeru Kachhap Sriyantra absorbs negative moods.


We provide you with superior quality products that are 100% real Sumeru Kachhap Sriyantra and are also certified. Overall, Sumeru Kachhap Sriyantra is the sacred and most auspicious Yantra. Through dedication and belief, the Sumeru Kachhap Sriyantra blesses the worshipper with popularity, well-being, harmony, power, happiness and peace. 

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