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Sunderbans – The Treasure Island Of Biodiversity And Wildlife
Unraveling The Mystery Of Sunderbans
Sunderban, which in Hindi means beautiful forest, is the name given to the vast forest land shared by India and Bangladesh. With nearly 81% of the forest land located in Bangladesh and the remaining 19% in India, the Sunderbans, are the largest single collection of mangrove forests across the globe.  This haven for wildlife lovers and photographers is also considered to be the treasure island of biodiversity and hence has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Sunderbans are spread over an area of 4110 sq. kms and nearly one third of this area, which roughly amounts to 1700 sq. kms is in the form of water bodies or marsh areas. The area was given the status of a wildlife sanctuary in 1966 and is also the biggest wildlife reserve for the endangered Bengal Tiger. The forests also have a large population of the Sundari trees, which according to some is the reason why the region is named so. 

Exploring The Natural Beauty
Sunderban is primarily famous for the unmatched natural beauty and its panoramic environment. The area attracts not only wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers in large numbers but is also flooded by photographers and artists who want to give vent to their creativity in the lush green background of this exotic region. The winding rivers, gushing springs and creeks and stunning estuaries all form a part of the landscape that is not only soothing to the eyes but also helps sustain one of the most enchanting wildlife environment across the globe.  Visitors often feel refreshed after having feasted their eyes with the beauty and countless natural treasures that the region has to offer. 

About The Tiger Reserve
The Sunderban Tiger Reserve is one of the top ten wildlife places in India. In addition the Sunderbans have the world’s largest delta and mangrove swamps, placing it amongst the most unique ecosystems across the globe. The Tiger Reserve, located at the converging point of the three great rivers of Ganga, Brahmaputra and Meghna, covers an area of 2,585 sq. kms. It is one of the few places which provides a perfect environment for the breeding and growth of not only the Royal Bengal Tiger but various other species of water animals and reptiles. There are currently about 400 tigers in these reserves and all of them are man-eaters. A major reason for this behavioral trait is believed to be the fact that the area has a unique ecosystem besides which it lacks suitable prey for the Tigers. Many people also believe that the habit might have been developed over generations due to consumption of saline water. 

The Sunderbans National Park
Located on the southern most point of West Bengal, the Sunderbans National Park is a beautiful area where the land gradually slopes down into the sea. The area was declared to be a World Heritage Site in 1987 while the entire Sunderbans was bestowed the status of Biosphere Reserve in 1989. This national Park is famous for housing most of the different varieties of mangroves found across the globe. Moreover the area also has almost 64 different species of plants, which can survive even amidst the most extreme climatic conditions and even the salty showers caused by tidal effects. The place is also a haven for bird lovers as popular birds such as the Plae-Billed Flowerpecker, Black-Capped Kingfisher, Asian Open Bill Stork and Common Woodshrike etc., can be spotted here. The Sunderbans National Park is also known for being the habitat of several endangered species such as King Crabs, Olive Ridley Turtle, Batagur Baska and many more.


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