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Supaul, a small town near Nepal border
An Overview of Supaul
It is under the municipality and headquarters of the district of Supaul in the Bihar state of India. The place is not very far from the border of Nepal. It is the headquarters of administration of the district. River Kosi flows through the region of Supaul. It changed its route and then took the route it followed 200 years back. As a result of which several parts of Supaul districts were flooded.

History of Supaul
It has a rich history. It has been the area of fishery in the mythology of the Hindus. Since the period of Vedas, it has been a portion of Mithilanchal. There are two oldest democracies like Apadnigam and Angutaran. They are there in the existence in the era of Buddhist. The Kosi River is considered as the sorrow of the state of Bihar. The major tributaries are Sursar, Mirchariya, Bhenge, Tilawe, Kali etc. The soil type is sandy. It is portion of the Kosi division. It is the main headquarters of administration of this district. There is a public club which is 100 years old. It is well linked with the capital of the state and country with roads and rail.

Tourist Places of Supaul
We are mentioning some of the popular places of Visit in Supaul

Dharahara: The village was in the limelight in the year 2010 when it was said that the families plant a minimum of 10 trees when a female child is born. The tree-planting had been going on for several generations and they are mostly mango and litchi. It is a very popular place to visit by the tourists.

Vishnu Mandir: It is a favorite place to visit by several devotees from several parts of the country. It is the Vishnu temple. Vishnu is also known as Hari and Narayana. Many devotees came and worship the God Vishnu in this temple. He is depicted as Supreme God.

Tintolia: It is temple of kali. Many devotees come from different parts of India. Goddess Kali is the symbol of empowerment. She is the Goddess of Change and Time. It is a very popular place to visit by the pilgrims. Goddess Kali is represented as the wife of the Lord Shiva. Shiva lies at the path of Goddess Kali and his foot on Shiva subdues her anger.

Kosi River: Kosi River is another place of visit. It is a trans-boundary river which flows through Bihar and Nepal. It is known as seven tributaries. The river basin is surrounded by several ridges. It separates from Yarlung Tsangpo River in the northern part, Gandaki in the western part and Mahananda in the eastern part. Over the last 250 years the Kosi River has changed its course. It has its unstable nature due to heavy silt. This river has two tributaries. Fishing is really an important enterprise in the river. It is a pleasant place to travel. There are several picnic spots like Bivha National Park, Koshi High Dam, Katiya Power project, Latona Church and Azgaibi Kali Mandir etc. There is another place to visit is Hardi that is Chowghara and it is a historical birth place of famous warrior Allaha and Rudal. So there are different places to visit.

Kapileshwar Mandir: A historical temple of India located in Supaul is Kapileshwar Mandir. This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. Devotees in large number offer prayers and puja during Mahashivratri.

Hanuman Mandir: This mandir dedicated to lord Hanuman is located right in the center of Supaul.  The carvings which are there on the walls of the temple attract many people from distant places to pay a visit in this temple.


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