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Tadipatri, the temple town of Andhra Pradesh
Introduction of the town of Tadipatri
Tadipatri is a town which is located 60 km away from the Anantapur city of the Andhra Pradesh state. This city is located on the banks of Penneru River. The specialty of this city is that, it houses, different religious buildings. For this reason, this city is often described as the ‘Bhaskara Khetra ‘in ancient time. If you travel at the southern part of this city, you will find a thick forest of palm trees. This beautiful palm tree surrounded tree area is named as the Tamalapalli. By traveling in this beautiful city, you will come to experience the essence of architectural brilliance of ancient period. This architecture will tell you the famous tales of the ancient period. For this reason, the temples of this town become more than just religious buildings. They become the scripture of ancient period.

Interesting sites to explore in Tadipatri

    • Bugga Ramlingswera Temple- This beautiful temple is one of the ancient temples in India. This beautiful temple is dedicated to worship Lord Shiva. This beautiful temple is mostly visited by the travelers to offer a puja to the Shiva linga and to view the brilliant architecture. In this temple, you will find the ancient carvings of different important incidents from Purana. Along with these images you will find some beautiful carvings from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Through these images you will come to get a clear view of the ancient life and cultural background of India. These carvings are known for playing a role of an orator of ancient history of India.
    • Chintala Thiruvengalanatha Swami Temple-This temple is counted as one of the must see temples in Andhra Pradesh. The name of this temple is hailed from the name of Lord Vishnu. According to experts, the architectural base of this temple was built by following the rules of the Shilpa shastra. The brilliant base of architecture of this temple was built on the base of stone and bricks. The delicate carvings of this temple will give you an image of the animals, flowers, dancers and other Gods and Goddess. Another interesting factor of this temple is that the design of a stone chariot. The special fact of this stone chariot is that, twice a year the rays of Sun falls on the idol of the deity through the holes of this chariot. This unique creation of chariot, make this as an interesting place for the travelers. This fort pillars based shrine is famous for its aristocratic carvings of Ramayana and Bhagabat Geeta from where you will get a view of the ancient period.
    • Rameswara Swami temple-According to archaeological experts, this beautiful temple was built in 15th century, by amalgamating the architectural base of Chalukyan, Chola and Vijay Nagar. The sculpture of this temple is famous for its sharpness and aristocracy in architecture. For having a special touch of ancient architecture, this shrine is often visited by the pilgrims as well as travelers from different places.

Shopping in Tadipatri
Religious Buy- as this city is itself famous as a temple town of Andhra Pradesh, so when you come to buy something, you will find the idols of Hindu deities. Along with that, you can pick up some great sculpture works from this city of Andhra Pradesh.


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