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Tarakeswar, the city of Lord Shiva
Rendezvous with the city of Tarakeswar
Tarakeswar is a city located in the Hooghly district of the West Bengal state. This place is famous for having one of the most significant Lings of Lord Shiva. In this place, the Linga of Lord Shiva is worshipped in the name of Taraknath. For housing this important linga of Lord Shiva, this city has coined its name from the Name of Lord Taraknath. This pious town of Hooghly district is located 58km away from Kolkata. According to various legends, Raja Bharamalla constructed this temple in 1729A.D. Apart from watching this beautiful ancient temple, the green surroundings of this city will also attract your eyes and make to visit this pious site once more. Being well connected with different parts of West Bengal, this place is often filled up with the crowed of the pilgrims and travelers of different regions.
Apart from being an important religious site, this place is also known as one of the major commercial site in Hooghly district for having a strong agricultural backbone and various cold storages.

Places of Interest in Tarakeswar

    • Taraknath Temple- Taraknath Temple is the major attraction of Tarakeswar city. This temple was created in 1729 A.D. by Raja Bharamalla. According to experts, this temple was built by following the patterns of Central West Bengal’s architecture. In this temple, you will find the resistance of the aatchala and natmandir pattern. This temple of Lord Shiva is counted among 12 major abodes of Lord Shiva in India for housing one of these 12 Jyotirlingas. While travelling inside this temple, you will come across the shrines of Goddess Kali and Lord Laxmi and Narayan. This temple is mostly visited in the pious occasions of Maha Shivaratri, Chaitra Sankranti and in Shravan month, to offer holy water to Lord Shiva.
    • Dudhpuker Tank-Dudhpuker Tank is a major attraction of Tarakeswar. This milk tank if linked up with the temple of Taraknath. According to mythological belief, this tank is a miraculous place. For this reason, travelers draw closer to take a dip inside this water tank to fulfill their wishes. It is said that the water of this tank is filled up with the medicinal power. Once a person dips into this tank he remains healthy. According to historians, this tank was erected by Raja Bharamalla, during the construction of Taraknath Temple in 1729 A.D.
    • Buddha Temple of Deulpara-This beautiful temple of Lord Buddha is located 6 km away from this city. This abode of Lord Buddha was constructed in 1985. According to various records, Dalai Lama is credited as the founder of this only Buddhist temple of Hooghly District. Apart from being a beautiful example of architecture, this shrine offers a picaresque view to the travelers. Inside this temple compound, you will find a beautiful idol of Lord Buddha. The garden of this temple is another attraction after visiting this site.

Shopping in Tarakeswar
Buying Shiva Images- as this town is dedicated to praise Lord Shiva, so when you need to buy something, you can pick up the beautiful idols of Lord Shiva. Along with buying an idol of Lord Shiva, you can check out some good books, written on Lord Shiva.


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