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Tarapeeth, the temple town of Bengal
An overview on Tarapeeth
Tarapeeth is described as one of the most pious site in West Bengal. This sacred site is located in the middle of the Birbhum and Murshidabad district. This temple town of Rampurhat location is famous for its mythological importance. According o various mythological sources, it is said, that this temple is counted among other 51 Shakti peeths. As per Hindu Puran, in this particular site the eye ball of Devi Sati had fallen after Lord Vishnu had cut the Body of Devi Sati. For housing that eternal part of Devi sati, this site becomes an interesting site for the pilgrims. Every year millions of people come to visit this place to view the sacred idol of Goddess Tara. Apart from being an important religious site, this place is famous for the Tantrik culture. According to various historical records, it is said that Jagannath Roy created this tantric temple in 1225 A.D. to worship Goddess Tara, an embodiment of Goddess Kali.

Interesting sites in Tarapeeth

    • Maa Tara Temple-This temple is considered as one of the mostly visited temple in Tarapeeth. Based on different evidences, it can be said that this temple was built in 1225 A.D. by Jagannath Roy to worship Goddess Tara, incarnation of Goddess Kali. From that time, this temple becomes the centre of attraction for the Shaktism sect of Hinduism. After entering this beautiful temple of Goddess Tara, you will notice the face of Goddess Tara, adorned by beautiful silk sari studded with precious jewelleries and garlands, offered by the devotees. Inside this silk saree image, the stone made image of Goddess Tara can be noticed in a particular time of the day. In this stone image, you will find the Devi as a mother, milking infant image of Lord Shiva.

      This temple is mainly visited by the married ladies, to prey for a blessing of their long married life. Apart from being a favourite place for the Hindu pilgrims, this site is a well known destination for Tantrik culture.
    • Bamdev Sangha ashram-This pious temple is dedicated in memory of Bamakhepa. He was one of the most important devotes of ma Tara, who received power from Tara Ma, through his meditation and Yog. When a traveler come sot pay a visit to Tara Maa temple, they pay a visit to this nearby ashram to prey for blessing from here.
    • Nalhateswaru Temple- This shrine is another important Shakti peeth located near Tarapeeth. This place is considered as another pious site among other 51 Shakti piths. According to mythological records, this site houses the throat of Goddess Sati, which was cut by Lord Vishnu through his Sudarsana Chakra to prevent the demolition of universe by Lord Shiva.
    • Labhpur- This site is considered as another important religious site for Shakti sect. While you travel to this lush green surrounded temple of Goddess Parvati, you will to see the stoned part of the jaws of Goddess Parvati to be worshipped in this temple. Near this temple, you will find a beautiful cemented pond, named as Rishikesh Ghat, which is filled with lotus flower. Near this ghat, you will find two small temples of Lord Shiva.

Shopping in Tarapeeth
Religious Buy- When it comes to buy something in Tarapeeth, then considering an image of Tarama is the best option for you. Apart from buying the idol image of Tara ma, you can check out the key chains, books, pen stands from the nearby shops of Tara ma temple.


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