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Theog, the city of tribal culture
Information about the city of Theog
Theog is a beautiful city located in the lap of Himachal Pradesh state. From this city, you can view the beautiful sight of the Greater Himalaya. Apart from offering a picaresque surrounding, this city is a famous place for offering thrilling experiences of trekking. According to historians, the history of this ancient town is dated back to 2million years. From various archaeological dig ups, it has found that this city used to be a connected part with the Indus Valley civilization which is dated back to 2250 to 1750 BC.
Historical evidences reflect that this city used to be controlled by the famous ruler, the King of Kashmir, Sankar Verma till the incursion of Muhammad Gazni. Later on this place witnessed the ruling of Rajput King Ranjit Singh and Mughal dynasts. For this reason, along with offering an awe-inspiring view, it plays an essential role in the historical scenario of India. Another geographical important factor of this town is that, this site is constructed on five Ghats (Rahi Ghats, Deori Ghats, Prem Ghats, Jano Ghat and Baga Ghat).

Places of interest in Theog

    • Banthis Devta Temple-This beautiful ancient temple of Theog is dedicated to the God of Theog, Banthis Devta. This beautiful shrine is popular for its amazing wooden carvings. Inside this ancient temple, you will find the idol of Lord Vishnu, with his ten embodiments. Along with this timeless ten headed idol of Lord Vishnu you will find the wooden Carvings of Ten headed Ravana and Goddess Mahishasuramardini. For its brilliant architecture, this temple is a popular traveling destination for the tourists.
    • Summer Festival- This is a famous festival, which is organized in every year. By joining this festival, tourists will sense the essence of this city, from a close perspective. These festivals will introduce travelers with the prestigious cultural milieu of this city. Through this festival, travelers get an opportunity to directly communicate with the local people of this city. Apart from enjoying the cultural heritage of the town, you can also view some beautiful art performance of local people.
    • The Naga Kayang Dance-This city of Himachal Pradesh is famous for its unique dance forms. Among these dance forms, one of the reputed names is The Naga Kayand Dance. In this particular dance, the dancers make a movement like a snake. In most cases, this beautiful dance is danced by young men and women.
    • Cholamba Dance- This dance can be described as a form of tribal dance. This particular dance form is performed in the occasion of the death of a tiger. When the digger is killed or dead, the skin of the tiger is peeled off from the body of the tiger and then a gold ornament is placed on his nose of the Tiger and then the local people encircled the remaining of the Tiger to perform this dance.
    • Shabboo Dance- This can be defined a festival dance form. Though this dance forms you will come to feel the cultural and religious belief of the local people.

Shopping in Theog

    • HandcraftsWhile planning for buying something special from this city, then consider the beautifully weaved woollen garments, colorful carpets and beautiful handmade shawls from the local shops. As the hands of the local people, create these products, by buying them, you will feel of keeping a precious material with you.
    • Jewellery- If you love to wear tribal jewelleries and the special types of jewelleries of the Himalayan range area located ladies, then you can purchase the same collections of silver and metal jewellery collections from the local shops to fulfill your wish.


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