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The business hub of Assam - Tinsukia

Tinsukia is a small city located in Assam. The municipal board of the town is located in the Tinsukia district itself. It is the most important interstate business hub in the city of Assam. It is approximately 480 kilometers from the capital Guwahati and 84 kilometers from the borders of the state of Arunachal Pradesh. This city was originally called as Changmai Pathar and is based on the site of Bangmara. Historically it was made the capital during the Muttack Kingship which was led by Swargadeo Sarbananda Singha.
The headquarters of the district are located in this region. It is often termed as the business capital of Assam. The crowd of the district consists of both Hindi- speaking people and Assamese. However, the rural look of the city is changing gradually as new malls and buildings are being constructed. It is an important trading center both industrially and commercially. The main objects that are being traded are the agricultural products like ginger, tea, oranges, paddy, citrus fruits etc. It also has the biggest junction railway station in the state of Assam and is the primary connector of the state as it forms a way of communication both by rail and water to the other parts of the country.

History of Tinsukia:

This city was originally called as Changmai Pathar and is based on the site of Bangmara. Historically it was made the capital during the Muttack Kingship which was led by Swargadeo Sarbananda Singha.
The administrator of the Muttack Kingdom that is Swargdeo Sarbananda Singha was also called Mezara.  He changed his name from Mezara after becoming the king of this area. Saka 1716 and Saka 1717 were the two sets of coins that Swargdeo Sarbananda Singha introduced during his rule and he in fact inscribed the title of Swargdeo in every coin that was made.
As per the orders of Swargdeo Sarbananda Singha, the royal minister Gopinath Barbaruah befriended with Godha and convinced him to dig a pond which bore a triangular formation and was named as Tinikunia Pukhuri. A station was constructed very near to it sometime in 1884, which was named as Tinsukia. Ever since this place has been called by the same name and thus, the name Tinsukia came into existence.

Protected areas:

The Dibru-Saikhowa Park is in close proximity of this area and is known for its collection of endangered species.

Places to visit:
    • The Tilinga Mandir: this temple is one of the places of primary importance and almost every individual visiting Tinsukia makes it a point to visit this in their course of travel. It is placed in Bordubi.  The strangest site of this temple is the peepal three which has thousands of bells tied to it. This is done by the devotees with a hope that their wishes will be fulfilled. From religious views it is the temple of Lord Shiva.
    • Dibru-Saikhowa Park: this national park known for its bio diversity is situated by the rivers Brahmaputra and Dibru. It is located near to the district of Tinsukia and is an island. It has a collection of the endangered and rare species of animals and birds like White-winged Wood Duck, feral horses etc. and has a huge collection of greeneries and flowers.
    • Guijan Ghat-This site is located 10km away from the Tinsukia city. This particular site is noted as a natural site which is surrounded by the lush green forest on the western part of the city, where as the eastern part is covered by the tea gardens and northern side is by the River Dibru. If you explore the close by marshlands, then will come across the wide range of migratory birds and ducks. Apart from offering an eye catching site, nowadays, this location is famous for arranging different festivals, cultural activities and various interesting shows.
    • Tinsukia Orange orchards- The orange orchards of this city is known as the financial backbone for it. Apart from offering a marvelous look, these orchards are noted for supplying sweet oranges and orange made products to the world.


Oranges- While visiting this city, you may consider to buy some fresh oranges or orange made beverages.


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