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The region of Arki is a great example of how to protect the past and move ahead into the present
An over view of Arki:
Arki is a small place within the administrative boundaries of the Solan district in Himachal Pradesh, India. The region is one of the oldest in India it was built in the late 18th century when it was the capital of the state Bhagat. Founded by the Rajput warrior Ajai Dev a panwar Rajput, the state was formed in the year of 1643 by Rana Subbha Chand and it was in 1650 when Arki was declared the state capital. However we must note that the fort of Arki is a noted hotel in the region and is truly a lovely place to stay in. The Fort of Arki was built in 1805 by Rana Prithvi Singh a descendant of the former ruler Subbha Chand. Originally a place of the Gurkhas, but they were driven out by Rana Jagat Singh supported by British warrior David Ochterlony Arki is however located at the Indian coordinates of 31.15o N to the 76.97o E. The region has a good elevation 1045 m. from the sea level. Located within the swastika ranges of the Himalaya’s the region marks a great tourist foot fall each year. During the traditional ‘Sankranti’ in India there is a ‘Sair’ fair that is held in the region. It is originated with a buffalo fight; thousands of people in the region visit the fair. The two day fair goes colorful during the night; the celebration reaches a different level then.

The Prominent places to visit in the region:

Batal: The region of Batal is very near from Arki. It could be visited from Arki; the place is famous for the natural beauty that the place offers to the tourists. The region lies at the foot of Kunzum La pass. The village has a parallel Chandra river flowing by its side. Batal however had served many, as the base of Indian rock climbing. There are many climbers who begin their journey from Batal.

Kunihar: It was named by Rajiv Gandhi looking into the shape of the map. The word Kunihar means a garland in Hindi. The valley was originated by Abhoj Dev in 1154; presently sometimes it is called “Choti Villayat”. The valley is also famous for the “Kunihar Talab” which means a pond. The pond in the region is one of the fine tourist destinations where the tourists are able to enjoy the natural beauty of the gigantic Himalaya’s and also the nature’s magic of having ponds in the hills.

The Diwan- e- Khas: The Diwan- e- Khas that was built by the Rajputs is better known as the audience hall. The Rajput ruler Rana Shiv Saharan Singh in 1830 had built the Diwan- e- Khas in the Mughal style as Akbar did in his governance. Even now the hall marks to be a great tourist interest. The hall has various Rajasthani, tangra, Kullu designs of Paintings. The idea of the Diwan- e- Khas was as of like the European Muller where the war scenes were depicted. But here the ideology was completely different. The ceilings and the walls are painted to show the rich heritages of the regions.


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