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Triple Tortoise

Triple Tortoise

Feng Shui Tortoise is believed to have the power to bring positive Chi in the house. Among popular celestial animals tortoise is the one which exists even today. Triple tortoises do have the power to live up to a period of more than 100 years. Both in Vastu Shastra as well as in Feng Shui Triple Turtle symbolize harmony and longevity of a family.
Besides harmony and longevity this Feng shui Turtle is also known to act as a symbol for wealth, protection, prosperity and health. This feng shui figurine where 3 turtles are stacked on top of one another, then it represents a true symbol of love among members of the family. This beautiful feng shui figurine also represents the true bonding of friendship or a special relationship.
It is one of the best gifting items for elderly people whom you love and want to enhance the period of their longevity. This triple turtle can also be gifted to friends and other family members to strengthen the bonding of relationship. Triple tortoise can bring 7 different types of luck in a native's life:

  • Wealth
  •  Health
  •  Peace
  •  Prosperity
  •  Longevity
  •  Education
  • Children

Placement of Triple tortoises:

  • In work area the same need to be placed in the North direction  for giving boost to career luck
  • For bringing luck to self and for family triple turtle need to be placed in East of Bedroom. the position remains same for luck, health and longevity
  • Strictly avoid the placing of this turtle figure in bathroom and Kitchen as there will be decrease in positive power
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