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Vamavarti Shankh (Conch)

Vamavarti Shankh (Conch)

Vamavarti Shankh open towards the left side and is the most demanding shankh available in the Market. It is used for all holy purposes. As this sacred Conch opens from the left side, it is named as Vamavarti.

The blowing of a Vaamavarti shankha eradicates the ill effects of negative or evil energies and it purifies our soul and surroundings. The other names of Sankh are: Shankha, Sangu and Sankham.

This naturally foundsacred item producespositive energy by removing a negative energy field from the surrounding. It is also used as Tantra items. Astrologers also suggest the types of Shankha or Conch need to be placed to regulate all sorts of negative planetary effects.The primordial sound of creation, that is the ‘Pranavanadham‘or‘ Omkar‘ , is what discharged when a conch is blowing.

Vamavarti Shankh benefits:-

  • Vamavarti Shankh has marvellous significance in Hindu religion.
  • Vamavarti Conch releases sound which destroys all negative energy and thus one can attain peace of mind
  • It purifies our surroundings and soul.
  • Stored water in Shankh can also reduce dark circles on your face, if used daily in the morning.
  • Vamavarti Conch is scientifically proven as helpful product to normalise our blood circulation.
  • Very helpful for the problems related with kidney and lever

Uses of different types of Conches or Shankhas are also mentioned in the Veda or Indian scriptures which varies from peace of mind to health, remedial measures to hypnotism. It is strongly believed that the vibration of this Sankha spread in each corner in the form of a wave, making use of the ionosphere in the form of a wave-guide.If you are suffering from physical conditions like intestines problem, indigestion, then drink exactly two spoons of the Conch or Shankh water stored overnight.

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