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Velankanni: the beautiful, small holy town of Nagapattinam
If you are planning a holiday in the beautiful and serene town Velankanni, there are many small and interesting attractions which will make your trip memorable. The holy town Velankanni has a great history and by visiting this place you will get an insight to it. Located at a distance of 12 kilometers from Coromandel Coast, Tamil Nadu is this small town where the Shrine of Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Health is there. There is an amazing attraction here, Sacred Arogya Matha Church and I will recommend you to visit this place. It is said that Mother Mary had some healing powers and she used to heal pilgrims coming here. Now at this place a church is constructed and there is a beautiful statue of Mother Mary which is called, Our Lady of Health. Velankanni is indeed a historical town where you should spend at least a couple of days in exploring the magical splendor of this place.

History of Velankanni:
There are many historic stories related to Velankanni. It is said that Mother Mary once visited this place around 1560. According to some folklore's, once Mother Mary was in Velankanni, she asked for milk from the local shepherds for her son, Jesus Christ as a baby. At that place, now stands the thatched chapel. In the 16th century, Mother Mary once again visited the place and the church was built here. At present, Velankanni is a place with great religious importance. 

Things to see in Velankanni:
There are many attractive things which you can do and see in and around  of Velankanni. Below mentioned are some important ones which you should not miss. Scroll down and check out!

This is an amazing attraction where many tourists visit each year. Nagapattinam is a newly founded place, which came into being in 1990. Located at a distance of approximately 15 km from Velankanni, you can enjoy beach experience here. Once in Nagapattinam city, do not miss the temple  of Sowriraja Perumal and temple  of Shri Kayahorana Swami Neelayathatchi Amman. There is this Nellukkadai Mariamman temple which is also an important place to visit. If you like museums or have a fancy for light house, you will surely like to enjoy a visit to Nagapattinam. 

Nagore is another amazing place which is almost 18 km away from Velankanni. When in Nagore, you should make a visit to the famous Nagore Dargah. This dargah is dedicated to Hazrat Syed Hameed Qadir Vali, who was a famous Muslim saint.

Dedicated to Lord Singaravelan, there is an interesting Muragan Temple in Sikkal. In this temple stands beautiful pillars embellished with beautiful stone carvings.  There are many paintings mounted on the walls of the temple. These paintings reflect the history of the past. There are small shrines which are dedicated to various Gods including, Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Hanuman.

Velankanni Beach:
Also known as Lourdes of the East, this beautiful beach is located on the coastal region of Bay of Bengal. Here you can visit the Church of Our Lady of Health, which is near the beach. A day picnic with friends and family is recommended here.

Sri Rangam Temple:
It is said that the Vaishnava temples is the first Vaishnava temple of South India. Located in Trichy, this beautiful temple has a great historic and cultural importance.  Do make a visit here.

Shopping in Velankanni:
Although there are no big shopping malls and arcades in Velankanni but the markets are famous for the handlooms and silk products. You can buy the textile produce which comes from the local villages of Velankanni. The silk produce and handloom products are in abundance and I will recommend you to buy some authentic silk products from here.


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