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Veraval, the religious city of India
Summary of the city of Veraval
In prime years, Veraval used to be a major port in India. Due to its positioning near the Arabian Sea, this site now also is a popular port city in India. Administrative record unveils that this beautiful city of pilgrims, falls under the control of Gujarat state. From a long time this city is a popular destination for the travelers. Among these reasons, the first one is the presence of Somnath Jyotirlinga, which is considered as the foremost powerful Jyotir linga in India among 12 lingas. This, Lord Shiva dedicated shrine is one of the major attraction of the tourists in this city. Another important factor about this city is that, this town is known as the entryway for the Muslims, who travel to Mecca on different occasions.
Apart from its religious values, this site can be described as a wonder place of the ancient architecture. By traveling to this you will find numerous forts. It is believed that this town was founded in 13th-14th century by a Rajput named RaoVeravalji Rathod. Today when you roam here will locate those royal evidences formed by Rajput dynasts.

Interesting locations in Veraval

    • Somnath temple-This is first Jyotirlinga temple among other 12 Jyotir linga temples of India. The Jyotirlinga inside this temple is embellished with gold, flower and silver ornaments. The construction of this temple was built by following the Chalukya style. In yester years, this ancient shrine was attacked by different invaders, but after renovating these damages, now this worshiping place of Lord Shiva opened for the pilgrims, in 1995.
    • Gita mandir-This three river confluence located temple is known as one of the pious temple in this city. For many, this marble made temple is also popular as the Birla temple, which is dedicated to worship Lord Krishna. By exploring this temple, you will come to see the beautiful inscription of Gita on its walls.
    • Junagad gate-This entrance gate is located in the Somnath temple campus. Though this gate was poorly affected by Mohammad Ghori, but till now you will find some exclusive carvings to sustain on the gate walls.
    • Suraj mandir-This temple is also popular as The Sun Temple. According to various records, this temple was built to offer puja to Sun God. When you travel this temple, will find the beautiful carvings of animals and birds.
    • Pancha pandav Guha-This temple is located on the Lalghat area. This temple is dedicated to the five valiant brothers of pandava. Nowadays, you will find a Sanskrit college inside the compound of this temple
    • Parashuram temple-This temple is located near the bank of Tribeni Ghat. This temple is dedicated to Parashuram, who was another embodiment of Lord Vishnu. According to mythology, in this site Parashuram did the penance to get rid the curse of slaying Kshatriya kings.
    • Veraval Beach-This beach is located opposite the Somnath Temple. The presence of this beach near this temple makes the temple surroundings more appealing for the travelers.

Shopping in Veraval

    • Somanath images – As this city is known for the Somnath temple, so wherever you go, will come across the images and idols of Lord Shiva in form of Somnath. You can buy any of these good quality religious craftworks.
    • Seashell jewellery- Here you will get large collections of seashell and shell pearl mixed jewellery items. If you love to buy new ornaments, then you can try buying this.

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