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Vidisha, the historical city of Madhya Pradesh
Information about the city of Vidisha
Vidisha is a historical city, located near the capital of the Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. According to the administrative records, this city falls under the administrative control of Madhya Pradesh. Apart from its rich historical background, this city has earned its name for its ancient architecture and picaresque surroundings. For this reason, every year, travelers from different places visit this city. In previous times, this city was also known as Bidisha. Based on various archaeological evidences, it can be said that this city is dated back to 2nd century BC.

Tourist Spots in Vidisha

    • Sanchi- Sanchi takes 10km from Vidisha. This beautiful town is popular as one of the major pious site for Buddhists. Sanchi is known as the centre of different monuments of the Buddhists which are dated back to 3 rd to 12th century. According to the historians, these beautiful Buddhists’ monuments were built by Emperor Asoka .Among all these monuments, the hemispherical dome oriented Stupa is considered as the major attraction of Sanchi, where you will find the incidents of Lord Buddha’s life. In this stupa, you will find a beautiful idol of Lord Buddha. Due to its architectural as well as historical importance, this pious monument is now announced as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
    • Udaygiri Cave-This beautiful ancient cave is located between Beas and Betwa River. This site is now under the maintenance of Archaeological survey of India. These caves were carved during the ruling period of Gupta Empire. Among other ancient carvings of this cave, the most important carving is the idol of Lord Vishnu. Here Vishnu appears as Varaha, an embodiment of the Lord Vishnu. Along with this beautiful carving of Lord Vishnu, you will some valuable inscriptions, which were carved during the ruling of Chandragupta I. apart from watching these caves; you can see some ancient buildings, water arrangements, fountains, inscriptions and mounds nearby this site.
    • Bijamandal-This place is also popularly known as the Vijaymandira Temple which was built in 11th century. This temple was demolished in the year 1682. After the destruction, Mughal emperor Aurangzeb constructed a mosque by giving the name Alamgir Masjid. Though the maximum part of this temple is destroyed, but from few remaining pillars of this temple and by reading the inscription, it can be said that, this temple was dedicated to Goddess Vijaya. Inside this ruined temple, you will find a step well, which is dated back to 7th century AD.
    • Bajramath Temple- This temple is dedicated to three different shrines which are mostly belongs to Jain idol of the Digambara part. However, here you can view the Jain idols, but from the architecture of this temple, you can make it sure that this temple was originally inspired from the religious roots of Hindus. If you carefully view the shrines, you will notice that the central shrine is dedicated to Lord Surya, whereas other two shrines are dedicated to worship Lord Shiova and Lord Vishnu.
    • Giridhari Temple- This shrine is known for its beautiful architecture. The fine carvings of this Lord Vishnu temple, makes this as an interesting point for the travelers to explore this location.
    • Sola Kambi temple-This Hindu temple is located in the Badoh Town. According to the archaeological experts, this temple was constructed in the Gupta empire period. The unique construction of this 16pillar based temple makes this an interesting archaeological site for the travelers.

Shopping in Vidisha

Stone sculptures-As this city is filled up with the shrines of different religions, so when you want to buy something, you can pick up the stone made sculptures of different deities.


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