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Visakhapatnam – a place for enjoying concoction of nature and civilization
An overview of Visakhapatnam
Though Goa is noted as one of the most travelled beach locations, but like Goa, now a tourist is exploring Visakhapatnam to enjoy the eastern coastal area of India. Visakhapatnam is mainly known for its port areas. This city is considered as the second largest city in Andhra Pradesh. This city is also a well-known place in the industrial background. Apart from the name Visakhapatnam, this city is also popularly known as Vizag. Along with its industrial background, this city is blessed with fascinating beauty of its nearby araku valley. For its amazing beauty, this city is often described as the Goa of the East Coast. According to various archaeological evidences, it can be said that this city was belonged to the rule of the Asoka. Then it used to be a part of the Kalinga territory. From that time of 260BC, this city is highly enriched with the thoughts and sayings of Lord Buddha.

Places to explore in Visakhapatnam
Vijag or Vishakhapatnam is one of the well-known countries in Andhra Pradesh that is known for merging the fast city life with the fresh surroundings of nature. For this wonderful blending of nature and technology, nowadays, it becomes a popular travelling place for numerous domestic as well as international travelers.

    • Ramakrishna Beach- This is one of the most beautifully maintained beaches in this city. The presence of the Ramakrishna Paramahansa dev’s temple brings a special feel to this beach. The peaceful surroundings are the main attraction of this destination.
    • Rishikonda Beach-If you want to spend a peaceful time with your dear partner at a beautiful location in the lap of nature, then this beach is ready to welcome you.
    • INS Kurusura Submarine Museum- It is an informative museum, which is located on the beach road. Thissubmarine museum will give you a detailed idea about the working of a submarine. At the same time here, you will come see the life of the staffs of the submarine under water.
    • Borra Caves- This is deep and the big natural cave that will take you back to the prehistoric period. This well maintained ancient cave will give you a view of the geographical formations. To travel this site, you need to hire a private vehicle.
    • Kailas Giri-When beauty and religion comes in a single thread, then it gives birth to a place like Kailash Giri. This place is popular for its amazing surroundings. The sitting tall white relics of the Shiva Parvati and a far fetched view of the Bay of Bengal from this site will make your holiday memorable. Here you can enjoy a beautiful ropeway ride.
    • Simachalam- This is a famous religious site in Vijag. Everyday numerous pilgrims visit this site to offer a Puja to Lord Vishnu. The architecture and the spiritual feel make this place into a must to see a site for the traveler.
  • Araku valley- While travelling araku valley, you will experience the tribal culture and their art in this place. Here you can feel the purity of nature that larks in the green wide spread flower valleys. It is considered as the most beautiful place in this city.

Shopping in Visakhapatnam
Wooden sculptures- During your travelling session, you can buy some wonderful wooden sculptures from Visakhapatnam. Apart from this, you can also collect tribal works from here.


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