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Knowing the small hill station Yercaud 
In the beautiful district of Salem in Tamil Nadu, is located Yercaud - a hill station which is visited by thousands of tourist every year. In the Eastern Ghat in Shevaroys range hills this hill station is located. This place is located at a height of 1515 meters from sea level. At the highest point of Yercaud hill station is located Servarayan temple. It experiences a climate which is very pleasant. Many people consider this place as the poor man's Ooty. This region is less expensive in comparison to Ooty hill station. In recent time this place is gaining huge popularity for its scenic view and making it one of the preferred destinations for the tourists of overseas countries. By the word Yeri we mean lake in Tamil Language and by Kaadu it means forest.  This hill station is having a beautiful lake at the center of the location and so it is named as Yercaud 
When you look towards the forest region of this hill station you will get to see huge numbers of silver oaks, sandal wood and teak trees. The climate never reaches the extreme level over here and so there is no need to carry winter garments while visiting this place.

A short History of Yercaud 
Near to Shevaroy Hills ancient shrine of the Stone Age period was discovered. This location is almost 5 Km from the main lake of Yercaud. But the history of this place is not yet fully exploited. It is believed that the first ever human settlement in this region came from another place of present Tamil Nadu called Kanchipuram and that too during the period of Telugu Kings who managed to capture the country of Tamil Thondai. Sir Thomas Muroe the then governor of Presidency of Madras founded this place officially in the year 1842. Scottish collector David CockBurn helped in the fruitful development of this place during the period 1820 to 1829.

Places to visit in Yercaud
Yercaud Lake: This Lake is considered as   the main attraction for the hill station of Yercaud. The beautiful hilly surroundings of the lake along with picture like gardens in its banks made this lake a major place of attraction in Yercaud. In this lake you will get to see a fountain which is floating one. You can enjoy boating in this lake as arrangements are available over here at a rate which is very reasonable.

Botanical Garden: If you are the one having huge interest on flora and fauna of different types of plants and species, for them it is must to visit the botanical garden. Kurinji flower flowers are available in huge in this place. The unique charecter of this flower is that it takes the pain to bloom once in every twelve year.

Killiyur Falls:  This waterfall is really amazing one and must to see for any tourist visiting Yercaud. This waterfall is located at about a distance of 3 Km from the major lake of Yercaud. We are sure that your eyes will be pleased when you watch out the waterfall falling from a height which is almost 300 ft. If you want you can reach the bottom of the falls.

Lady’s seat: it is a typical rock in the form of a seat and as per history the English women in earlier times used to sit in this place to enjoy the scenic view of the place. The night view of Salem district from Lady’s seat is awesome and it will be hard for you to take your eyes away from the lighting decoration of the district from this place. Besides this seat there are 2 other natural rocks in the form of seat one for the gents and one for children.

Pagoda point:  This point is located in the eastern part of the hills of Yercaud. Here you will get to see 4 piles made out of stone in the form of a pyramid by the local tribal people. A temple of lord Rama is present in between this pyramid. The scenic view of this place is really eye catching.

Shevaroy temple: In this temple resides lord Shevaroyan. This temple consists of narrow and dark caves which is highly impenetrable. Idol of goddess Kaveri and Lord Shevaroyan are present in this cave. Tribal people gather in the temple premise to celebrate various occasions in large number


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