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Yin Yang Pendant (For Good Luck) (PEYY-001)

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Yin Yang Pendant (For Good Luck) (PEYY-001)

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Quick Overview

Wear this stunning Yin Yang Pendant (For Good Luck) to increase your personal flow of positive energy or to boost positive energy in the workspace. Yin Yang Pendant (For Good Luck) promotes universal harmony and peace. The symbol of Yin Yang indicates complete harmony and balance.......

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Product Specification

PRODUCT Yin Yang Pendant (For Good Luck)
WEIGHT 30 gm approx
SIZE Diameter - 3 cm (1")
COLOR Black and White

Product Description

Yin Yang Pendant (For Good Luck) in Feng Shui is the symbol of harmony and sense of balance. Wearing this wonderful pendant creates a beautiful harmony into your personality,in the thoughts, at home, in the office, into the surroundings, environment etc.

In Chinese traditions, Yin and Yang mainly represent two different principles.Yin signifies the symbol of the negative or feminine nature and yang stands for the positive or masculine side. Yin and yang Feng Shui are in pairs, such as female and male, dark and sunny, etc.

Yin Yang Pendant (For Good Luck)

A powerful and arrogant person can use this pendantfor relaxation, whereas someone who is missing confidence can wear this special pendant as a stimulating symbol.The additional use of Yin Yang Pendant (For Good Luck) is obviously for a couple, in order to improve their relationship.

Yin Yang Symbol

The Yin Yang sees opposite powers,which represents a point of connection and they complete and balance one another.

In Yin Yang Pendant (For Good Luck), Yin represents female power that is associated with earth, water, to the night and the moon. It is representative of the female features and stands for the these qualities:

  • Moon
  • Friendly
  • Passive
  • Completion
  • Downward
  • Moist
  • Contradicting
  • Submission
  • Small
  • An up and down movement

Yang, on the other handis the male power that represents hardness, stiffness,  quickness,  attentiveness and is connected to water,to fire, to the sun and the day. This white side of the symbol mainly represents the masculine features and stands for the qualities:

  • Sun
  • Supremacy
  • Heaven
  • Lively
  • Active
  • Heat
  • Dry
  • Expanding
  • Strong
  • Birth
  • Forceful

Why to use this Pendant?

The philosophy of Yin Yang Pendant explains the relations of opposite energies.Wearing this spectacular Yin Yang Pendant (For Good Luck) can bring positive energy and finally improves your personal life. 


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