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Abhijit Muhurat

Abhijit Muhurta is fortunate phase during noon time which approximately persists for 48 minutes. Abhijit Muhurat should not be confused with Abhijeet Nakshatra, which is twenty eighth Nakshatra, as per some traditions.

Abhijit Muhurtham is capable of removing numerous Doshas and it is considered one of the finest Muhurats to start all sort of fortunate works. Abhijit Muhurtha is a powerful election and can be selected for everyday life happenings without going into convolutions of finding an appropriate Muhurat for the day.

Abhijit Muhurat is the eighth Muhurat out of 15 Muhurats which preponderate between the sunrise and the sunset. The time period between the sunrise and the sunset is distributed into 15 equal fragments and the mid portion of 15th part is known as Abhijit Muhurat.
As per Indian Mythology, Lord Shiva slayed demon Tripurasur, during Abhijit Muhurta. Further, Abhijit Muhurta has blessings of Lord Vishnu, who abolishes numerous Doshas with his Sudarshan Chakra during the currency of this Muhurat.

The Great Indian King Lord Rama, who was epitome of all virtues and is considered incarnation of Lord Vishnu, has taken birth in Abhijeet Muhurtam. As per Sikh tradition, all the auspicious activities are to be performed during the time, which is ascribed to Abhijiit Muhurtha.
It should be noted that Abhijit Muhurta is not appropriate on Wednesday as this combination forms a malefic Muhurta on this weekday.

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