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Janma Kundali

Horoscope/ Janma Kundali

What is Horoscope or Janma Kundali?

A horoscope or a Janma Kundali is planetary positions in the Zodiac at the time of birth. It is also known as natal horoscope or birth chart.

What is the use of a horoscope?

A horoscope is an index to know anything related to a native’s life. From horoscope an astrologer, know a person in and out. A horoscope can tell all the events likely to take place in the future of a native. The planetary positions indicate the failure and success of life. To reach your destination easily and happily horoscope is a mirror to life if analysis is correct. Horoscope shows in which rashi, or signs, the 9 planets are positioned It also shows the Lagan or the Ascendant. . The ascendant is calculated based on your place and time of birth. Lagan is called your individual first house. On The position of the planets on any given, day and time is calculated from the ephemeris, called Panchang, and the horoscopes are made accordingly.

There are mainly four methods of casting the charts.
    • South Indian method

In the south Indian style in a horoscope the position of the zodiacal signs, from Aries to Pisces always remains fixed. The counting of the houses and the positioning of the planets is done clockwise.

    • North Indian method

In the north Indian method lagan is always at the top center and their zodiacal sequence number denotes the signs. Here the charting of the houses and the planets is anti-clockwise.  Northern style horoscope follows the fixed house method.

    • East Indian or Maithili method

East Indian or Maithili method is drawn differently and follows the fixed sign method of the south style chart. Thistype of chart, which is popular in Andhra Pradesh and some parts of Orissa and Bengal but the charting, is done anti-clockwise.

    • The circular chart
The circular chart is drawn differently and follows the fixed sign method of the south style chart.


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