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Why ‘’® only

  • Our approach is Multidisciplinary

  • ‘’® believes in Universality of Astrology, Vastu  and related sciences

  • ‘’® is not individual centric, but team centric

  • Astrologers, not businesspersons, run ‘’®

  • Fine balance between Bhagya (Destiny) and Karma (Action)

  • We never negate anything alien to us

  • ‘ ’® never compromise on your privacy at any cost.

  • Ours is ethical approach

  • ‘’® has beautifully combined theory with practice.

  • Our predictions and suggestions are definite and conclusive

  • We never extend ‘run of the mill’ predictions and suggestions

  • We never compartmentalize whole humanity in twelve types

  • We take up holistic approach

  • We use multifarious approach

  • We never leave Humanitarian angle

  • Ours is intensive approach

  • We remain open to new developments

  • Healthy combination of Theory and Practice

  • We never create fear psychosis

  •’® guides you thoroughly and properly

  • Remedies by ‘’® are devoid of any side effects

  • Remedies by ‘ ’® address your specific problem

  •’® are programmed as per precise requirement

  • No policy of discrimination with ‘’®

  • All the advices by ‘’® are backed by repeated testing and checking

  •’® gives you best option

  • At ‘’®, quality is premium, but the prices are modest

  • Only through remedies by ‘’®, harmony and equilibrium among various aspects of life

  • All our products are delivered only after being tested from recognized testing centers

  •’® is not part of cartel fleecing Believers of Vedic Astrology

  •’® Follows Anukul- Pratikul Principal of Vedic Astrology

  •’® never recommends conflicting remedies

  • We practice what we preach

  • Remedies’ are the only Remedial items, which are potentiated with unique Mantras

  • ‘ Remedies’ are the only Remedial items, which are devoid of side effects

  • ‘’® never overburdens you with Remedies

  • Only at ‘’®, you get the facility of Distant Energizing

  • Only ‘’® gives you specific guidance for using ‘ Remedies’

  • Process of selection and recommendation at ‘’® is beyond comparison

  • Only ‘’® provides Remedies, individualized to your specific Aura

  • Only Remedial items, which are devoid of side effects

  • ‘’® never compromises on the quality of Materials 

  • Unique Recognition for our devotion and commitment

  • Our Commitment to the cause of Astrology, Vaastu and allied sciences

  • ‘’® believes in evolution with holistic approach

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