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Ahaar / Diet

Food Astrology or Diet Astrology has developed as a branch of mainstream Astrology in Western as well as Vedic tradition. While in Western Astrology, stress is on suggesting Lucky foods, vegetables and herbs for various zodiac signs; in Vedic Astrology, in combination with Principles of Ayurveda (Literal meaning – Science of Life), it has become very effective branch of Medical Astrology.

The greatest limitation of Food Astrology in the Western stream, also known as by the fancy name 'astrology dining', is that it focuses on only Sun signs, ignoring all the other players of your horoscope, including most important nodal  point of horoscope i.e. Ascendant. The net impact of this parochial view is that the whole purpose of this exercise is defeated, making it a good reading only, just for the sake of curiosity and entertainment, having no practical use.

On the other hand, all the researches until this date, on this front have restricted its role, only as a subservient to Ayurveda. The whole focus is on analysing the level of Doshas (Vaat, Pitta, Kaph) and harmonizing them. What we get is good health in return. However, limiting the role of Diet Astrology to the health correction is like treating Medical Astrology as the complete Astrology.

The fact is that whatever you consume, in whatever form, it affects not only your metabolism and physiology, but also affects your thought pattern, your Karma as well as your destiny; perhaps in a more intense way. The committed and experienced team of ‘’® has after continuous and painstaking research have created paradigm, covering majority of food items. In this unique paradigm, these food items have been correlated with Zodiac Signs, Nakshatras and Grahas (loosely translated as planets, but this is not the same, as Sun is  a star, not planet Moon is a satellite and Rahu & Ketu are only sensitive points, again not planets) and Bhavas (Houses) of horoscope.

While preparing this paradigm, our team considered not only the Doshas pertaining to Zodiac Signs, Nakshatras and Grahas and Bhavas, but also elements pertaining to them, their specific significations and their complex interrelationship. Due to this elaborate and complicated exercise, ‘’® has become pioneers in using Food and Diet as perfect Remedy in Astrology. Our experienced and competent team gives specific and precise guidance, in this regard, to you after going through. 

  1. Unique permutations and combinations of your accurately prepared Vedic Horoscope,
  2. Basic nature of each and every Graha (Planet), especially royal planets,  in your horoscope,
  3. Circumstantial nature of each and every Graha (Planet) , especially royal planets,  due to their unique placement in your horoscope,
  4. Shadbala (Six types of strengths) of each and every Graha (Planet) , especially royal planets,  in your horoscope,
  5. The zodiac sign as well as Nakshatra (Star/ Mansion) occupied by the royal planets, especially moon,
  6. Current running Dasa and transit of your horoscope,
  7. The specific problems being faced by you,
  8. Goals and aims, desired to be achieved by you.

 Only, after this complex and intensive exercise, we suggest you the specific food items to be consumed by you: the manner in which they are to be consumed, the timings, at which they are to be consumed; the quantity in which they are to be consumed; and in case of multiple items, the proportion, in which they are to be consumed.

This is the reason that food consumption suggested by ‘’®, never fail to deliver the required results.

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