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Mrs. Anita Baranwal

Anita Baranwal, Anita Baranwal Astrologer, Anita Baranwal Vastu Consultant

World famous astrologer, Smt. Anita Baranwal, a pious, enlightened and highly educated lady, is the spirit behind ‘’, a path breaking organization in the field of Astrology and related Sciences, which has achieved maximum ISO Certifications; and that also first time in the world.

 Although herself an astrologer by heart, she had studied Astrology and related sciences in the formal stream and earned qualifications of ‘Jyotish Visharad’ and ‘Hasta Rekha Visharad’ from ‘Indian Council of Astrological Sciences’(ICAS).

She is considered authority on matching of Horoscopes and marital affairs, including Husband-Wife disturbances, Love marriage issues, Inter caste love marriage problems, and other Family problems. Due to these qualities, she is considered best astrologer for love, family and relationship matters in Delhi and surrounding areas e.g. Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad etc.

Predictive capabilities of Anita Baranwal are vouched by the persons coming from all walks of life; be it bureaucrat or businessman, elite or common man, scientists or artists, doctors or lawyers, countrymen or NRIs. Her clients are not only in India, but in more than hundred countries. This is the reason that she is called not only ‘Best Astrologer in India’, but ‘Best Astrologer in the world’.

Sympathetic and humanitarian approach of this famous and perhaps best astrologer of India, coupled with deep knowledge and experience of this Super Science has earned her lot of kudos and appreciation. Smt. Anita Baranwal’s interviews and predictions about current and mundane affairs appear regularly in the media and are admired due to lack of ambiguity and vagueness.

She has attended and honoured in many seminars and conferences. At present, she is Senior Lecturer with Noida Chapter of ‘Indian Council of Astrological Sciences’, where she trains astrologers and sharpens their predictive capabilities.

She has done extensive research in the field of Pyramids in Vāstu, a utilitarian branch of modern Vāstu. She is also renowned for the innovative use of colors and geometric shapes in Vāstu corrections, without undertaking demolitions in the buildings and structures. It is not surprising that due to her innovations, AstroDevam  has been declared ‘Vāstu consultants of the year’ and ‘Best Vastu Consultants’.

She is also associated with many social and charitable organizations. To name a few, she is Secretary of ‘AHWAAN’ (Association for Human Welfare And Awakening the Nation), a Public Charitable Trust.

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