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Aquamarine Quartz Mala / Rosaries

Aquamarine Quartz Mala / Rosaries

Aquamarine Quartz Mala is considered an “all purpose” healing Rosary. It invokes higher states of mental and spiritual awareness.  The word “Aquamarine” is derived from the Latin word ‘Aqua’ and ‘Marine’, which means water of the sea.

Aquamarine Quartz Rosary promotes bravery and survival instincts. Aquamarine Quartz Malabeads is a tremendously beneficial Mala, which enhances the aura andcapable of dealing with an upsetting situation.It helps in alleviating the fear of water.

  • Element: Water
  • Zodiac Sign- Birthstone for Pisces
  • Primary Chakra:Heart-Chakra, Throat Chakra

Aquamarine Quartz Mala Benefits:

  • Aquamarine Quartz Rosary reduces anger and stress; it also helps you to make positive changes in the life.
  • This powerful Mala is also known as an aura cleansing Quartz Mala. Aquamarine Quartz Mala beads is trusted as a strength giving gemstone mala, capable of dealing with troublesome situation.
  • Aquamarine crystal Mala is also a brilliant choice for fighting depression, stress and anxiety. It also improves our self-esteem.
  • Aquamarine Quartz Mala carries the powers to balance the heart chakra. Aquamarine Mala is used for ending undesirable emotional and karmic energies.
  • It also encourages intuitive power, super-conscious mind and knowledge. In addition to its remedial values, it also promotes spiritual and emotional awareness.

Its vibrations are very effective, helping us reduce our stress level and calm our disturbed mind. Not only aiding in clearing our perceptive powers, this auspicious Mala also removes our mental anxiety.

Best for reducing Physical Ailments:Allergies, Cough, Sinus, Eczema, Eyes, Nausea, Psoriasis, Skin, Throat-Chakra, Toothache, etc.

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