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Ashok Stambh

Ashok Stambh

Ashok Stambh is the symbol of success. It yields marvellous results in areas such as government special treatment, promotions and recognition. Placing Ashok Stambh in your office guarantees excessive help and support from the Government.
Why to place Ashok Stambh at workplace?
Ashok Pillar or Ashoka Stambh, placed at pilgrimage places and Buddhist monasteries is the symbol of pride and victory. For trouble with bank sector and other supportive systems, counting your work partner, check the North-West zone. This Vastu item provides Government support and help with all official communication. Be cautious with the object placement. The North Zone governs relationships with clients and customers. To perk up your relationship with the government, place this special object on a table in this zone.

Few Benefits of using Ashoka Pillar or Ashok Stambh:

  • Government Support
  • Get Job promotion
  • Symbol of victory
  • Getting Government jobs
  • Getting contracts with Government Departments
  • Getting favours from Government Officers
  • Support from Work Partner
  • Others will recognize you.

In Vastu, Ashoka pillar is a wonderful product for improving your relationship with business partners. With the use of this powerful remedy, one can get prestigious posts in the government sector. Ashok Stambh benefits those whose work is slow due to the lethargic system of government. Ashok Stambh also helps in getting government contracts for future help.

Caution :Do not place the Ashoka Stambh or Pillar anywhere between the South Zones and South-East zones of the Office building; this will end up with conflicts with Government departments, prosecution and allegation.


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