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Bellary, a beautiful connection of history and architecture
An outline of the city
The association of history with Bellary, makes it an interesting location for the travelers. While you travel this historical city, you will come across numerous monolith archaeological evidences which were constructed by different rulers of this city. The specialty of this city is that here you can discover a beautiful blending of different types of architectures of different cultures. Today while a traveler comes to this city he includes nearby Hampi, which used to be capital City of Vijaynagar Empire to make maximum of this city. The sprawling of this city amidst the hard granite rocks and ruins of the archaeological monuments will take you back to the glorious past of India.  By roaming inside this granite rock based area, you will feel the stroke of ancient India and its rich architectural setting.


    • Ballary Gudda- This place is noted for its boulder created 150 tall circumferences that are spread up to 2 miles. Here you will find a big monolith. This wall is actually built to protect its nearby fort.
    • Ballary Fort- This fort is the main attraction of this city which was built during the ruling period of Vijaynagar empire .The fort was built by a French architect. This fort is divided in two parts, upper fort and lower fort. Being built with the hard granite rocks, this fort is one of the well-built forts in this city.
    • British architecture in Ballary- While travel between the rock areas of Ballary, you will come across some interesting much British architecture amidst the ruins of Classical architecture of India. Among these places, some notable names are Ballary Central jail, St John school, St. Joseph’s school, and Wardlaw High School complexes. Today these British colonial architectural evidences are restored them as the heritage site in this city.
    • Mahanvmi Dibba-This site is located 3km away from Hampi. After travelling to this spot, you will; come across the Royal touch of the ancient rulers through its wonderful architecture.
    • Ballary Zoo- This zoo of Ballary city is known for having a wide collection of the wild animals like Panther, Bear, Boar, Jackal, Deer, Crocodile, Cobra, Blackbuck, and Peafowl. This zoo covers 2.4 hectors. Inside this zoo, you will find a beautiful children park.
    • Laxmi Narsimha Temple-This impressive monolith granite boulder made achievement of construction gives a view of the Lord Vishnu in his Narsimha avatar. The presence of Goddess Laxmi on the side of this statue and the seven headed serpent image above the head of this 6.7 mts statue makes this as a wonder of architecture.
    • Vijaynagar- In historical period, this city used to be a notable place for the rulers. Starting from the South Indian rulers to reputed royal people of Indian history used to consider this place as the heart of their empire. Today while you visit this historical location will come to experience the exposure of ancient royal ruins.
    • Kumbara Gudda-The south east part of this hill is very similar to a human face. For this reason, this hill is also known as the face hill to many travelers. The carvings of nature on this makes this hill as a wonder of nature carved architecture.

Shopping in Bellary
Jeans- Bellary is renowned for its jeans outfit manufacturing industries. If you are looking for a shopping in this city, then do not miss the chance to purchase any jeans made outfit for wearing or gifting purpose.


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