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Parad (Mercury) Nandi

Parad Nandi

Parad Nandi is the most powerful and effective form of all the forms available of Lord Nandi, especially for getting his blessings.

When we talk about Nandi Bull, the first thought comes to our mind that he was the Vahan (Divine vehicle) of Lord Shiva.

In Sanskrit, the meaning of Nandi is “Happy”, ”joy” and “satisfaction”. Nandi also serves as a guard of Kailash Parvat. Nandi has tremendous quality and also knows how to fight in the wars between Devas and Danavas.  Even Lord Shiva’s son Lord Kartik, who was a great warrior learned to fight from Nandi itself.

Due to above qualities, all the devotees of Lord Shiva want to get blessings of Lord Nandi also, as they know that Nandi is the best way to connect to Lord Shiva directly.

Here, At, we are presenting you the easiest way to get blessings of Lord Shiva i.e. the Parad Nandi statue for you, which has very high significant values as Parad is a special and divine metal. Parad Nandi comes with great strength, stability, positive energy.

A story behind Nandi as a direct communicator to Lord Shiva:

We all have already seen that people murmur their prayers and wish into the ears of Nandi. There is a very interesting story behind this trend. Once upon a time, Goddess Parvati lost her memory. Due to this Lord Shiva was very tensed. Then, to overcome this he decided to start meditation along with Devi Parvati. At that time, Nandi Ji also decided to be a part of this meditation as he didn't want to leave his Lord alone and sat in front of Lord Shiva. Due to this form of his dedication and devotion towards his Lord, the idol of Nandi is placed sitting in front of Lord Shiva Idol in every temple.

During this incident of meditation process, the enemy and rival of Lord Shiva, named Jalandhar kidnapped Mata Parvati. Since Lord Shiva was in deep meditation, he wasn't aware of this unfortunate incident. All other Gods were scared and didn't know how to tell these facts to Lord Shiva about this incident as he was in meditation. To wake up Lord Shiva from his meditation, all Gods decided to select Lord Ganesh Ji to inform this to Lord Shiva. But Lord Ganesh Ji failed. Then Lord Ganesh Ji saw Nandi Ji sitting in front of Lord Shiva, He found a solution to wake up Shiva from his meditation. He whispered all information he wanted to convey to Lord Shiva in ears of Nandi Ji. Nandi Ji communicated all that he heard from Lord Ganesha to Lord Shiva. After hearing Lord Shiva came out from deep meditation. After this incident, Its proven that Whenever we say something in the ears of Nandi Ji, it gets directly communicated to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva hears all those and fulfills the wishes and prayers of all.

After knowing the above facts, we here at offer you Parad Nandi idol that comes with significant values like, happy positive energy, joy, satisfaction, and stability of good environment around you. After establishing this Parad Nandi in front of Lord Shiva statue in your worship place, it gives great results in every walk of life. We at provide you 100% pure mercury products with a certificate of originality. We hope, Nandi Ji, comes to your home and bless your family.

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