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Blood Stone

Blood Stone

In Greek, Bloodstone Gem is called ‘Heliotrope Stone’ which means "sun turning". As per Western Astrology, it is the real birthstone for the month of March. Today, Bloodstone, jasper and aquamarine are all considered birthstones for the month of March. Maybe this is surprising since Bloodstones are frequently green with red spots and far from sun-coloured. Pliny was said to have used a mirror made from this gemstone to view eclipses. Bloodstone is an outstanding Gemstone to help you to feel a powerful sense of grit, as they help you to regain your individual power. Bloodstone gemstone is also used for help in the blood related ailments in the body. Many of our clients, including some astrologers have successfully used Bloodstone gemstone, provided by AstroDevam, to ameliorate afflictions caused by Mars in the horoscope.

Blood Stone Benefits:

  • Bloodstone used to get success over evil and avoid jealousy and enviness.
  • Bloodstone gemstone helps in purifying the blood and detoxifying the kidneys, liver and spleen.
  • Bloodstone is used to boost up your strength and add long life.
  • Bloodstone cleanses lower chakras and helps in realigning the energies.
  • Bloodstone is used to relieve broken heart and brings good fortune.
  • If the Bloodstone turns blood-red in colour, this is believed to show as a warning for the wearer of the incoming danger.

In case, Bloodstone gemstone turns its colour into blood-red, this indicates a warning for the wearer of the incoming danger. Bloodstones in India have powerful metaphysical characteristics, and their vibration will help you to discover within yourself a deep sense of divine tenacity. Bloodstone gemstone will build bravery and power of mind, to do what needs to be done within your personal truth. If you have been afraid or irresolute when you need to take action, the energy of Bloodstone gemstones gives you the self-assurance to confront your challenges. They were famous in ancient times as Heliotrope, and were popular as they increase self-worth. It was said that if you carried one of these gemstones, you might avoid hazardous situations.

Natural Bloodstone or Blood Stone by ‘AstroDevam’, are potentiated with celestial powers, well energized and programmed particularly by the team of AstroDevam, headed by Āchary Kalki Krishnan. We have a large number of our customers, who used Bloodstone and feel safe and secure even in the most hazardous and fearful situations. They have shown their concern and respect to gemstone by ‘AstroDevam’. You can also buy Bloodstone Online from our website ‘AstroDevam’ at reasonable prices.


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