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Bodhgaya, the city blessed with rich history and culture
Blessed with the rich history of Lord Buddha, Bodhgaya is a beautiful place for the travelers who want to surface their soul with enlightenment. Bodhgaya is Located in the Gaya district of Bihar. Bodhgaya offers peace in its tranquility and calmness. A holiday here will make your heart and soul feel light and it will revamp the inner side of you. There are many attractions here and in Bodhgaya you can easily enjoy a week long holiday exploring the architecture, culture and artwork.

The rich and varied history of Bodhgaya merged with its cultural laurels:
Bodhgaya is historically known as Bodhimanda where there is a beautiful monastic settlement. Here you can visit the Mahabodhi Temple which is a world heritage site declared by UNESCO in 2002. The Mahabodhi Temple was known as the Bodhimanda-vihara (Pali) in the ancient times. This is one of the most pilgrimage site for Buddhists and its connection with Gautama Buddha’s life makes it a must not miss attraction in the country. It is one of the four important Buddhist pilgrimage sites and rests of the three are Kushinagar, Lumbini, and Sarnath respectively.
Gautam Buddha attained his knowledge under the Bodhi Tree which is in Bodhgaya. This makes it a sacred place for the Buddhist pilgrims. There is a rich history related to this enchanting place. Gautam Buddha was born as a Sakya prince of Kapilavastu. As we have already mentioned that Gautam Buddha attained the knowledge and enlightenment in Bihar, his last sermon also took place here. It was Bodhgaya of Bihar where the religion of simplicity and peace, Buddhism took birth. The name of the state, Bihar came from “Vihara” which means monasteries. After the death of Buddha, the Maurya Emperor Ashoka revived and contributed in spreading Buddhism. The famous Ashoka Pillar is also located here which stands for the various monasteries he built for the monks practicing Buddhism.
The buildings and temples of Bodhgaya reflect the various cultures and architectural master pieces of the heritage of the place. There are influences of the Gupta era in the architecture here. Various foreign pilgrims from Sri Lanka, Myanmar and China visited Bodhgaya during the7th and 10th century AD. Even the famous Chinese traveler Hieuen Tsang made a visit to this temple around the 7th century.

Important tourist attractions in Bodhgaya:
Here are some popular and must not miss attractions of Bodhgaya lined up. Scroll down to check out:

Mahabodhi Temple: The beautiful architecture of this temple is elegant and amazing. This pious place offers peace and tranquility. The ancient temple speaks for its history and the various cultural influences in the architecture of this magnificent place.

Animesh Lochan Chaitya: According to the ancient stories, Gautam Buddha was at Animesh Lochan Chaitya and he continuously looked at the Bodhi tree from here without blinking his eyes.

Bodhi Tree: The Bodhi Tree which stand today at Bodhgaya is the fifth succession of the tree where Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment.  You should not miss this beautiful place full of peace and tranquility.

Chankramana: There is a strong faith and belief related to this place. It is said that lotus sprang up in Chankramana when Lord Buddha put his feet here. There is the sacred place here where Gautam Buddha attained the enlightenment while the third week of his meditation. It is believed that wherever the Buddha put his feet lotus sprang up.

Ratnagarh: There are stories related to this place that once Gautam Buddha spent a week in Ratnagarh and it is the same place where the five colors reflected from his body. Making a visit here will add memories and enlightenment to your life. 

Special treasures of Bodhgaya: There are some amazing attractions here which you should definitely include in your itinerary. The must not miss attractions are; the beautiful and majestic 80 feet tall Statue of Lord Buddha, the Lotus Tank and Buddha Kund. Once in Bodhgaya you should also skip out some time and check out the Rajayatana, Brahm Yoni, Chinese Temple & Monastery.
There are many foreign temples and monasteries which are famous for the breathtaking beauty. Do make a visit to the Burmese Temple, Buddhist Monastery of Bhutan, the International Buddhist House & Japanese Temple, Thai Temple & Monastery, Tibetan Monastery.

Things to buy in Bodhgaya:
You can buy Buddhist dress materials, tankas, gemstone malas, Tibetan prayer flags and Budha statues for personal use as well as for gifting purpose too.


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