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Vastu Purusha / Man

Brass Vastu Purusha / Man

Brass Vastu Purusha/ Man is the most effective Vastu correction tool. Worship of Brass VastuPurusha / Man has become advantageous for those who want tobuild their own house. Through Brass Vastu Purusha Idol, one can easily correct the Vastu doshof specific plots or area. VastuPurush is the empowerment of all the cosmic energy in the environment which ensures harmony, wellbeing, happiness, growth, comfort and prosperity.

Brass Vastu PurushaIdol is such an energized instrument which has its own supremacy. They keep the negative energies at bay by absorbing all negativity. The defects inVastu can make a home lacking of happiness and prosperity. Therefore,it becomes important to counterbalance the energies with Brass Vastu Purusha/ Man.

Few Benefits of Brass Vastu Purusha/ Man are as follows:

  • Property dealing
  • Lifelong Asset for You
  • Boosts overall Productivity at work and home
  • Wipe out Negative Energy
  • Bring Positive energy
  • Investment property construction
  • To verify Vastu Defects of the premises

Story of Vastu Purusha

VastuShastra is a traditional system of structural design, which factually translates to "knowledge of architecture."As per 'Mayamatam' Brahma- the maker of creation experimented with a new living being. He created a cosmic man, who grew speedily larger and started to consume everything, to please his hunger.

He became so big that his shadow fell on earth and earth was to be under an everlasting eclipse. All the gods were in utter dilemma seeing the demolition by this creature. So, all met to pray Deity Brahma to present them a solution for this. Deity Brahma after understanding his fault called the Astha Dikapalakas – the Gods of the 8 principal directions. All came together and conquered the monster and held it flat against the earth, whereas Brahma flew on itsmid part.

Incapable to bear the heavy weight of all the gods he pleaded God Brahma for mercy. Being satisfied by his request, God Brahma given a boon that “while constructing any residence units, parks, temples and water bodies” etc. folks shall worship you, and people that won’t, they shall experience obstruction,poverty in all activity. Since then the worship of Vastu-Purusha has become mandatory for those who want to construct any building.

This product is a unique and energetic. The main function of this wonderful Vastu Product is to end the flaws of Vastu Dosh and to boost wealth as well as positive energy. If you don’t know where to bury this product, you can easily consult the team of is well-known for its superior consultation services

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