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laughing Buddha

laughing Buddha

The laughing Buddha, also known as Pu-Tai, Hotei, Happy Man, God of wealth or Maitreya, is one of the most powerful Feng Shui remedy. The name Laughing Buddha comes from its appearance and the feeling it invokes to an individual, looking at him. This Feng Shui symbol represents prosperity, success, abundance, happiness, good luck and financial gains.

The identifying symbols of Laughing Buddha symbol are protruding stomach and cheerful smile. He is usually signified as carrying wealth signs such as pots of gold, large ingots and a sack supposed to contain treasures. You can see this famous Feng Shui symbol, displaying at homes, temples, hotels and vehicle dashboards.

Laughing Buddha, especially energized by the team of ‘’®, greets the energies that enter from the main gate, absorbs negative chi and turns into positive chi. In this way, it brings prosperity, success and monetary gains to the house. Considered a supporter of the weak, unfortunate and children, it is believed that he stomachs all the difficulties and problems and converts them into happiness.

There are many postures of Laughing Buddha. Standing, walking, dancing, walking and even lying on the earth in calm position. Using any position of Laughing Buddha, are all good and therefore advisable. This is an amazing gift item for your dear ones, on everyoccasion.

Tips for our esteemed clients-

Laughing Buddha is not prayed to, but just showed as an auspicious symbol.It is said to be disrespectful to keep it on the ground. It should be placed at a standard height for an easy eye contact. You may also keep it at your eye level, as looking down at Laughing Buddha is considered vulgar and disrespectful.

It should be placed in the drawing room while facing the main door. This position enables this symbol to interact with the energy (chi) entering your home. From this position, it is able to nullify negative chi and transform it into positive energy.The other best place to keep the auspicious symbol is on a side table, which is diagonally opposite to the main door.

Do not keep this auspicious symbol in a Washroomor Kitchen. You can also keep it at the business premises for boosting business profits and money luck. Students can place it on their desks for getting better results in education. This is the best position to enlist a little help with lessons and induce positive energy for fulfilling your education goals. You can also place it in your lockerfor money luck.

When you are going out for an important work, trickle on his belly and give out positive intentions. Try to avoid keeping this near electrical outlets, as it may disturb the surrounding energy.Occasionally, rub the laughing Buddha’s belly. It may cause abundance in wealth and good fortune.

When your mood is upset, just look at the Laughing Buddha and lessen your troubles. You will feel relaxed! You have to keep this Feng Shui item clean. Do not allow any dust particles to gather on it.

Before placing this Feng Shui Symbol, you have to clean the area with salt water and after that put the statue in open sunlight so that it will absorb the sun rays. Now make positive plans and ask of any wish that you want to achieve. After this process, burn incense sticks or and then place the Laughing Buddha in its place.

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