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Budh (Mercury) Yagya

Budh (Mercury) Yagya Superior

Astrologically, Lord Budh (Mercury) is the significator of Commerce, mercantile activity, edible oils, public speaking, education, authorship, writers and journalists. The person, who wants to enhance these aspects in his life, should opt for Budh (Mercury) Yagya.

Since Lord Budh (Mercury) is also indicative of mental aberrations, nervous breakdowns, dumbness, speech disorders, leucoderma, impotence and skin diseases,  ‘’® suggests Budha Graha shanti Yagya for recovery from or healing from these physical problems.

For the persons born in Gemini & Virgo ascendant and Rashi (Moon sign), this Yagya is recommended at regular intervals. It is always recommended for the persons, who are facing ordeal of adverse Dasa/ transit of Lord Budh (Mercury). Mercury Yagna is conducted for getting the blessings of Budh Graha and for removing negative Budh Graha effects.

Budha Yagya is the only Remedy for Budha Graham effect. Problems happening due to the incorrect positioning of Mercury planet in Astrology calls for the Budh Mantra japam with the Budh Yagya. The mercury planet is associated with the business in the buy and sell, industry in engineering, business in horoscope and astrology, journalism, accounting, editing and several more. Mercury planet is the most astute and smart out of all planets and the nature is of airy type.

Mercury Yagna is performed for the people who are not good in studies or those who are unable to focus or have diabetes and blood pressure diseases.

The planet Mercury or Budh is being represented by the embodiment of Lord Vishnu. Due to the incorrect positioning of the planet, the person can become ruthless and aggressive. This Yagya is required for appeasing Lord Buddha/ Mercury planet. The Budh Yagya is preferred to be performed preferably on Wednesday to get much better results. Fasting and food and cloth donation are also necessary on this day.

Mercury planet or the Budh manages the nervous system, tongue, cells, wind and breath. Any misery being created to this planet can cause severe problems like nasal disorders, brain fever, nervous disorders, bronchitis, asthma, paralysis and difficulty in breathing.

Budh manages all the bodily resources and rules on most of the body part. If Yagya performed with the Budh Mantra Japam, then all the problems gets eradicated and the life moves very easily.

‘’® conducts this Yagya with Vedic mantras, beautifully combining with some other potent verses devoted to Lord Ganpati, especially Ganesh Atharva Sheersha. Some of our esteemed patrons, who are in the business of trading, in the profession of writing, journalism and public speaking, have been highly benefitted from this Yagya. Online book Budh Yagya on our website


  • The Budh Mantra Japam done with the Yagya is considered to be very important as it eradicates all the malefic effects from the life.
  • The business in trade is improved largely with this Yagya.
  • During the Bhoomi Poojan and Vastu Yagya, this Yagya is performed by the Vedic astrologers to remove the malefic effects from the new place and to enter in the home or in new store with wealth.
  • Yagya performed with full dedication increases the focus power of a person to large extent.
  • All the physical problems are also removed to be alive with full of fitness and liveliness.
  • Budh Yagya also removes gloomy, melancholic and pessimistic tendencies from the nature of a person.
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