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Diamond (Vajra, Heera)

Diamond (Vajra, Heera)

Diamond or Heera is a gemstone of Venus, also known as Shukra Ratna. It functions as antennae towards indigo blue and white cosmic rays. The diamond gemstone represents the positive power of planet Venus. If a person is unable to get the auspicious results of Venus, the person should wear diamond to reduce its inauspiciousness. Venus is the planet representing the power of love, compassion and divine knowledge.

 Diamonds are considered to be as the most precious gemstone of all. offers you diamonds gemstones, which are lustrous and sparkling; emitting sparks of light, lovely and magnificent, having the self-luminous top quality of an apparent crystal. You can buy diamonds online here.

Astro Vedic Diamond is considered best for those people who are born in Taurus & Libra ascendant and Rashi (Moon sign).

Benefits of diamond include:
  • It is significator of vehicles, music instruments and luxury articles.
  •  Diamond gemstone is suitable, for those who are in export, import, IT industry and fashion industry.
  • Wearer of diamonds gemstone is blessed with love and general life luxury.
  • Frees from fear of super natural power.
  • Blesses from wealth and property.
  • Maintains physical and mental strength.

Since Lord Shukra is also indicative of loss of eyesight, cataract, sexual disorders and disabilities, delirium, mellitus, paralysis, and syphilis, disease of the generative organs as well as the urinary system, venereal disease, diabetes, leucoderma, suggests Diamond or Vajra for recovery from or warding off these physical problems.

Diamonds or Heera at are well energized and programmed by Achary kalki Krishna himself.  Come to for diamond online, diamond for sale and more information on diamonds.
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