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Change Existing Name Or Number


If you feel any name or number, associated with you, is not supportive enough and is unable to give you desired results, just avail this unique premium service by ‘Astro Vastu’. Many things in our life cannot be changed; one of them is our date of birth; and thereby, its impact on our life, but what we can do is that with the correction in names and numbers, associated with us, we can get blessings of lady luck, which we possibly lack due to our date of birth.

We thoroughly analyze the name or number provided by you, with reference to so many relevant factors, and suggest you most potent correction, to be undertaken by you. Once corrected, new name or number starts to give you positive vibrations and bring changes your fortune and whole life in a very positive and harmonious manner. This exercise of correction can be life changing for a particular person, business, project, product, serial or a building. The more you use new name or number, more will be impact.

We undertake correction of following names and numbers-

Our advice, avail this unique service, especially if you want to see the positive impact of this remedial tool, diligently used by ‘Astro Vāstu’. What you have to do is to fill up the form and send us. We will evaluate all the possible options and recommend the most success inducing and numerological correct option for being executed by you.

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