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Chitra Nakshatra

Chitra Nakshatra

Chitra Nakshatra 23.20 - 6.40. The lord is Mars, Devta is Viswakarma, and the sign is the gem on the serpent’s peak. Chitra is very attractive to look at. Viswakarma, the grand performer and creator, the lord of realistic arts and practical inventive. The facts and ability to spread, the gift of describing and well-organized discussion. From Chitra is resulting the painter, expert in paints, the performer, the musician, the skilful doctor, the creative author, the expert in fragrant herbs.

Persons born in the Chitra are experts in adore making, brilliant, rich, enjoyers and educated. They are perhaps unclear (personalities), tough, courageous, gifted with wife and children, and respect the Gods. Those born in the Nakshatra/star Chitra are exceptionally scared of low intelligence undergo from food shortage, and worried in mind. They are worried by their enemies, polite, capable and dress in odd dresses. They move ahead odd advice and religious.


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