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Coonoor at a Glance
Coonoor, a hill station in the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu, is just the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful vacation with family and friends. This second largest hill station in the Nilgiri hills is also famous as the perfect base camp for trekking expeditions into the beautiful Nilgiri hills. The pleasant environment and the magnificent scenery of this hill station, make it an ideal honeymoon destination for young couples. Coonoor is also the regimental headquarters of the Madras Regiment and also houses a good number of boarding schools, which makes it a great amalgamation point   for various religions, cultures and languages.

The Main Tourist Attractions in Coonoor
Sim's Park: This remarkable park-cum-botanical garden is undoubtedly the most popular tourist destination of Coonoor. Established over a century ago, Sim’s Park is located in the natural hills ranges and is named after Mr. J.D. Sim and Major Murray, who played a significant role in setting up the park in 1874.  Covering an area of 12 hectares, the garden is situated in the base of a ravine and the adjoining inclined area. The garden is famous for its ethnic trees and numerous other shrubs, creepers and temperate plants. A major attraction   of the garden is its annual fruit and vegetable show, where diverse and exotic species are put on display.

The Droog: The Droog is another major tourist hotspot of Coonoor, as it enables visitors to have a magnificent view of the surrounding areas in all directions. The Droog, which was once an outpost of Tipu Sultan, is located 15 kms away from Coonoor and is situated at a height of nearly 6,000 ft from the plains. The place also has mythological link with the demon named Bakasura, and hence is also known locally by the name of Bakasura Malai. The Droog attracts people, who love trekking, in large numbers as to reach the place they have to walk down an inclined stretch of 4kms.

Dolphin's Nose: Named after a rock that is similar in shape to the nose of a dolphin, Dolphin’s Nose is yet another spot frequented by tourists. Located nearly 12 kms away, in the Tiger hills on the outskirts of Coonoor, this spot offers a majestic view of the ravines along with the beautiful intersection of River Coonoor with Kotagiri’s river stream. The viewers can also see the wonderful view of the deep and lush green forest valleys with their mash of tree tops.  

St. Catherine Falls: Considered too be one of the most beautiful tourist hot spots of Coonoor, the major highlight of St. Catherine Falls is a stream of water that falls down from a height of nearly 250 ft. Located, outside the hill city of Coonoor, the falling waters of St, Catherine Falls present a breathtaking site, especially in the backdrop of the beautiful mountains and deep valleys.  The Falls can also be observed from the top of the Dolphin’s Nose, from where the falling water can be seen to create a beautiful pool far below.

Lamb's Rock: Lamb Rock is a cliff top located at a distance of 8 kms from Coonoor, and is famous for providing a bird’s eye view of not only the hill town but also of plains of Coimbatore. The place is named after Captain Lamb, who played a major role in making the place located the Burliar village, accessible to people. This is one of the major tourist locations in the region and visitors can also get a view of the vast forest reserve that lies underneath the cliff as well as the Hullical ravine through which the River Coonoor flows.  


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