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Crystal Shivling

Crystal Shivling

Crystal Shivling is a great protector of Life. Out of all Shivlingas, crystal Shivling is considered best and it is most auspicious. Crystal Shivling provides protection from all type of misfortune, black magic and tantra. It harmonizes the environment around us and removes the negative energy. This Shivling protects us from the evil eyes. So, you can place crystal Shivling in your home or in office to protect yourself from evil eyes.

People use crystal Shivling for meditation. It is evident and proved that if you place this crystal Shivling in your home or office, no evil eye affects your house and positive energy prevails. This Shivling catches the light and reflects beautiful rainbows. People use it for puja, meditation and Chakra balancing.

Following are the uses of crystal Shivling:

  • You can use crystal Shivling for puja and meditation.
  • Crystal Shivling provides mental balance in Life.
  • Crystal Shivling provides financial balance in your Life.
  • Crystal Shivling eradicates all diseases, temper problem and fear of mishaps.
  • Crystal Shivling gives psychic power.
  • Crystal Shivling brings prosperity.
  • It solves all major health problems.

Where to place Vastu Crystal Shivling?

  • Place this Shivling in your temple.
  • For good flow of money, place crystal Shivling in your cash locker.
  • Placing this crystal under the full moon light gives energizing results.
  • While not in use, place it in the cotton pouch.

Always keep Vastu crystal Shivling clean and shiny. Do not let any dust accumulate on it. Besides being potentiated with Cosmic Energy, by Ācharya Kalki Krishna himself, ‘’ energizes/consecrates Crystal Shivling with Vedic mantras, beautifully combining with some other potent verses, before being forwarded to you.

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