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Deogarh: The holy abode of Gods
Deoghar is located in Santhal Parganas, Jharkhand and it is a place of great religious importance as its name in Hindi means, home of Gods. Deogarh has a religious importance as we have already mentioned and each year many pilgrims visit here to pay a visit to the famous Baidyanath Temple which is one of the Shiva Jyothirlingams out of 12. It is also one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. Also known as "Baidyanath Dham" or "Baba Dham” this is a place where several pilgrims visit each year. 

Special attractions in Deogarh:
There are many attractions here in Deogarh and below mentioned are some important ones you should not miss:

Trikuta Parvata:                 
Trikuta Parvata has three main peaks and it is known as Trikutachal. The hills are located at a height of almost 2,470 ft. It is on the way towards Dumka which is at a distance of almost10 km from Deoghar. Sage Bam Bam Baba attained penance here and the tranquility and beauty of this place attracts many tourists each year. Most of the Hindu devotees visit here in the Shravan month. It is said that this place was a garden of Lord Shiva and people come here and collect the wood apple leaves during Shravan. There is a famous Lord Shiva temple here and it is popularly known as Trikutachal Mahadeva Temple. From the foot of the hills river Mayurakshi starts and it is a great place as far as natural beauty is concerned. Here you can check out the Trishuli temple and you can also make a visit to the cottage of sage Dayananda which is quiet popular in Trikuta Parvata.

Nandan Pahar: This is another important hill which you should visit. It is a beautiful and small hill which is located on the edge of the Deoghar. Another beautiful places to visit here include the Nandi Temple and the Shiv temple. There is an amusement park in the Nandan pahar and kids as well as adults love to spend time. There is a ghost house here and a boot house plus a mirror house where you can spend your time. For great snacks and food, there is a restaurant with in the park and it is a must not miss attraction.

Basukinath: It is located in the Dumka District of Deogarh. Here you can make a visit to the famous Shiva Temple. The temple is beautiful and elegantly adorned with the local artwork.

Naulakha Mandir: It is located at a distance of just 1.5 km from the Baba Baidyanath Temple. The architecture of this temple is similar to the Ramakrishna temple which is located in Belur. There are there are idols of Radha-Krishna in this temple. This temple is 146 feet high and to construct this beautiful temple the total expenditure came out to be Nine Lakhs, because of this reason the name if the temple is Naulakha Temple.

Rama Krishna Mission: This is another attraction you must not miss during your visit to Deogarh. It is basically a boarding school which is run by the Rama Krishna Mission.

Satsanga Ashram: It was originally made for the devotees of Thakur Anukulchandra and it is a divine place where many pilgrims make a visit. A visit here will add inner peace and enlightenment to your life. So, do visit this amazingly serene place.

Tapovan: Located at a distance of just ten kilometers from Deogarh is this beautiful Tapovan. There is a beautiful Shiva temple in Tapovan. There are several caves around the hill and a Shiva Lingam is installed here. It is said that Rishi Valmiki visited this place and attained penance.
Some other important places of visit in Deogarh include Shivganga, Harila Jori , Koiridih, Prabhu Jagadbandhu Ashrama and Maa Kali Shaktipeeth.


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