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Donation, Charity and Service

Donation and charity have a special place in the arena of Astrological remedies. But not many know that for getting optimum benefit from your donations and charities, it is very important that we should know precisely what to donate, whom to donate, at what time to donate, and the exact procedure of donation.

In case you opt for serving others, you should know which age group, which social class, which gender and in which form to serve, if you want to convert your services into material gains We want to emphasize here that these terms and conditions do not apply in case of selfless donation, charity and services, where nothing is expected in return. After going through deeply and extensively into the all relevant scriptures and checking their dicta in current perspective, ‘’® is in a position to suggest and recommend you the most optimum and fruitful option available to you for getting the best results.

Donation and charity may be in the form of cash, services, new or used goods including clothing, toys, food, and vehicles. Options are unlimited, extending up to blood donation or donation of organs for transplant. In our pragmatic research, we have found certain and identifiable correlation between a particular type of donation, charity or service and desired effect on the life of our clients.

It must be understood that Donations, Charities and Services are to be done only pertaining to the Grahas (Planets), which are malefic to you, so that they are pacified. And in any case, you should not donate anything pertaining to any Graha (Planet), which is benefic to you, otherwise your this act will weaken that planet.

Vedic scriptures have described donation, charity and services in very eulogizing words. They have prescribed the options of donation, charity and services, with respect to Particular Grahas (Planets). As per scriptures, donation, charity and services, according to planets are as follows, however, it must be understood that these options are as per prevalent conditions at the time of writing scriptures.

  • Donation, Charity and Service for Sun

You may donate a cow along with its calf, wheat, Gold, Lotus flower, jaggery, gold, ruby, sweets made of wheat and copper on Sundays during noon time to a person of age between forty to fifty years. You may also serve your father or a person of above age group. It is also good to feed the needy and poor with roasted grams & Gud (jaggery) on Sunday.

  • Donation, Charity and Service for Moon

You may donate white clothes, camphor, Pearls, Curd, Bamboo Basket, Milk (cow’s), milk dessert, silver, rice, pearl, white cloths, drinking water on Mondays in evening hours to women. You may also serve your mother and other elderly female persons.

  • Donation, Charity and Service for Mars

You may donate red ox, red clothes, gold, red coral, Masoor dal (red lentils), Ghee make of cow’s milk, Kasturi, Red flower, Heeng (asafetida) and sweet bread on Tuesdays at afternoon to persons of young age. You may also take care of your younger brothers and sisters.

  • Donation, Charity and Service for Mercury

You may donate green cloth, emerald, Moong dal (Mung bean), Honey, Brass, alloy utensils, Emerald, Ivory, Fruits of Five types (bundled together), vegetables and green things to eunuchs, green fodder to cows on Wednesday at any time of day or night. You may also take care of your daughter, sister, and maternal aunties.

  • Donation, Charity and Service for Jupiter

You may donate sugar, bananas, yellow clothes, saffron, Haldi (Turmeric), Yellow Topaz, yellow sapphire, gold, yellow flowers and nutritious food on Thursday mornings to Brahmins, or any religious persons. You may also serve your teachers and religious persons and take care of your children.

  • Donation, Charity and Service for Venus

You may donate white horse, colored cloth, diamonds, silver (or substitute), silk cloth, ghee, perfume, sugar, tasty food, cosmetics, dress materials, desserts and camphor on Friday evenings to a young girl. You may also serve womenfolk in general, especially poor ladies in distress and take care of your wife.

  • Donation, Charity and Service for Saturn

You may donate black cow, a buffalo,  Mustard Oil, Black Cloth, Blue Sapphire, Iron, Black till (black sesame), leather shoes, iron, cultivable land, iron items, rice cooked with sesame, blue sapphire,  salted bread made in mustard oil,  utensil and vegetable on Saturday evenings to an aged poor person. You may also serve poor and aged people and behave gently with your servants and subordinates.

  • Donation, Charity and Service for Rahu

You may donate iron weapons, blue clothes, Fish, black horse, blankets, iron sheets, sesame seeds, food items of black colour, electrical equipment, satnaja (a mixture of seven prescribed grains), hessonite/ Gomed, coconut and radish on Saturdays evenings to the persons of downtrodden class. You may offer wheat powder to ants and cloths and food to leprosy patients.

  • Donation, Charity and Service for Ketu

You may donate goat, calf, blankets, black cow, black mustard seeds, iron weapons, cat’s eye gemstone, sesame, grey colored materials on Tuesdays and Saturdays to elder people and ascetics. You may worship Lord Hanuman or Bhairava everyday with Red Flowers also feed dogs with rice.

Experienced and competent team of ‘’® gives specific and precise guidance, in this regard, to you after going through

  • Unique permutations and combinations of your accurately prepared Vedic Horoscope,
  • Basic nature of each and every Graha (Planet), especially royal planets,  in your horoscope,
  • Circumstantial nature of each and every Graha (Planet) , especially royal planets,  due to their unique placement in your horoscope,
  • Shadbala (Six types of strengths) of each and every Graha (Planet) , especially royal planets,  in your horoscope,
  • The zodiac sign as well as Nakshatra (Star/ Mansion) occupied by the royal planets, especially moon,
  • Current running Dasa and transit of your horoscope,
  • The specific problems being faced by you,
  • Goals and aims, desired to be achieved by you.

Only, after this complex and intensive exercise, we suggest you specific items to be donated by you, the way, you should conduct charitable work and the persons, you should serve. This is the reason that donations, charities and services suggested by ‘’®, never fail to deliver the required results.

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