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Dowsing Pendulum

Healing Dowsing Pendulum is used as healing tool for spiritual and mental growth. Since ancient times in China, Dowsing Pendulum in Spiral or Ball form was used to find answers to the question, to improve psychic abilities and to improve the spiritual healing. The positive traits of Dowsing Pendulum became famous since 1920 when the Germans started finding underground water and minerals with support of a Healing Dowsing Pendulum.

If you are beginning to work with Sphere Dowsing Pendulum, it is a good idea to choose a suitable pendulum for yourself. When searching Dowsing Pendulum Online from, if you like any of the available dowsing pendulums, it is probably the one for you. The Pendulum like Dowsing Pendulum is the amazing instrument that is used to help you find any answer, do healings and to adjust any of the disturbed chakras of the body.


There are several uses of dowsing pendulums in energy healing and balancing chakras.

  • Healing Pendulum Dowsing is an ancient art of finding information through the use of our senses and psychic abilities.
  • In order to perform energy healing without strenuous activity or exhausting your own energy, it can be helpful to use Healing Dowsing Pendulum as a tool.
  • A pendulum like Dowsing Pendulum can be useful to find out the root cause of a condition, whether it originates at the mental, emotional, physical or spiritual level.
  • The other uses of this type of healing pendulums include assessing the degree of severity (seriousness) of the condition, as well as the usefulness of a specific remedy or treatment.
  • A pendulum can pinpoint the problems in particular chakras. In Chakra Balancing, the Metal Spiral Healing Dowsing Pendulum is held over any of the 7 major chakras (wheel) of the body and the energy from this source. The level of energy determines balance, imbalance, or an energy block, by the way Dowsing Pendulum is moving

Dowsing Healing Pendulum connects you with your higher self, therefore it is important to keep in your mind that these answers ultimately come from your inner self. A pendulum like Dowsing Pendulum can be useful to find out the root cause of your health disorders, whether it originates at the mental, emotional, or physical level.

You have to bear in mind that it is not easy or accurate, to attempt to dowse when you are in stress or worried about something or under pressure. Pick a silent place, on your own, and practice deep breathing for a few minutes, to soothe your soul. After using a Dowsing Pendulum, if you have a definite answer to your basic questions, you are ready to dowse. It is as simple as that!

What to keep in mind while using it?

Anyone can have a go at buying Healing Pendulum Online, but the main thing, which we need to keep in mind is that you have to start with an open mind and put your doubts at one side. The string or chain of the pendulum should be held properly between thumb and forefinger. The pendulum should be completely still and you can move it from the bottom of the pendulum. Try to be calm and relaxed as possible to get the better flow of energy and sit watching the pendulum while it moves. In this way you can determine the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ response of your pendulum.

The more you practice, the better your pendulum work and the better your end results will be.  Dowsing Pendulum by also cleanses negativity from the room.

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