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Eleven face Rudraksha is the symbol of Lord Indra, Eleven Rudras, Lord Hanuman (being eleventh Rudra). It provides strength and confidence in the wearer. Ekadash Mukhi Rudraksha is extremely useful in meditation and removes problems encountered in yogic practices.

11 face Rudraksha is good for diseases like chronic body pain, backache, alcoholism, and liver. It helps lead a blessed, prosperous and relaxed life. Eleven face Rudraksha also helps women give birth to a son. Because of its immense power, this Rudraksha demands extra care and precautions. With the use of Ekadash Mukhi Rudraksha you will learn how to be confident. 

Its wearer gets success in each work, which he intends to do. Wearing or worshipping of eleven faces Rudraksha may be opted by the family person for comforts and prosperity in family life, by unmarried for early marriage, by old and infirm for perfect health, by those under some threat for fearlessness and by Yogis and Sanyaasis for spiritual success of the highest order. In other words, everyone gets fulfillment of their respective wishes.

Ekadash Rudras is the deity of this Eleven face Rudraksha.

Wearing Ekadash Mukhi Rudraksha: offers you Real potentiated with Cosmic Energy, by  Achary Kalki Krishna himself, all the Ekadash Mukhi Rudraksha are energized with unique Vedic and Puranik mantras, just before dispatching to you, so that they are able to deliver you most optimum results.

Complete steps involved in wearing 11 face Rudraksha and mantra specific to you, to be recited by you is sent by ‘’® to you along with your Ekadash Mukhi Rudraksha.

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