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Eleventh House of the Vedic Birth Chart/ Horoscope/ Kundli

Eleventh House(Laabh Bhava)

The Eleventh House or the Ekadash Bhava of the Vedic Horoscope/Birth Chart is known as “Laabh Bhava”. Eleventh House is the house of gains. This house represents incomes, gains and profitability from all fields.

The other characteristics of eleventh house of the Kundli are calves, ankles, left ear, profits, prosperity, long term desires, fulfilment of dreams and ambitions in life, auspicious events, elder brothers and sisters, recovery of illness, friends, expectations, wishes and success in undertakings, etc.

A strong eleventh house lord in the Vedic Horoscope/Kundli ensures good results, prosperity and achievements to the native.

According to Kaalpurush chart, Aquarius Sign occupies the Eleventh Bhava of the Vedic Birth Chart. This sign is Airy and fixed in nature.

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