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‘’ are not ordinary Feng Shui / Feng Sui Consultants. But, they are only Feng Shui Consultants,

  • Who are actively associated, not only with practicing this science of harmony, but also its teaching as well as research.
  • Who have used the principles of Feng Shui, not only in residential houses, shopping complexes and industries, but also in planning of townships.
  • Who remains actively associated with all the major developments taking place in this stream of knowledge, throughout the world?
  • Who have imbibed the knowledge of Feng Shui from the original classics, and not from the Guides and cook books.
  • Who have discovered that underlying principles in Feng Shui are ‘Theories of Space’ and ‘Theories of Energy’.
  • Who have successfully blended the science of Distance Healing and Mind Power Techniques with Feng Shui.
  • Who have thundered that Feng Shui is not another name of Interior Decoration, but it is far beyond that.
  • Who are actively and successfully synthesizing the concepts of Feng Shui and Vaastu.
  • Who have discovered and propagated that Tai-Chi is the simplified version of ‘Ardhnarishwar’.
  • Who have brilliantly used the age-old technique of dowsing for the purpose of Feng Shui.
  • Who have proved beyond doubt that the concept of Five Elements (Panch Tatva ) in Feng Shui is not contrast to that given in Vaastu Shastra, but the same is just Gross (Sthool ) expression of the concept of  Vaastu, expressed in subtle (Sookshma ) form.
  • Who have formed a committed team of researchers to extend the benefit of real Feng Shui to its clients.
  • Who have declared that placing Laughing Buddhas and frogs are only a minuscule part of real Feng Shui, giving bad name to this great science.
  • Who have roared that extending so called Feng Shui tips without studying the actual site is only a sham on the actual science.
  • Who are making tireless effort that practice of this great science should be restricted to only professionals, who have studied it in some structured manner; and all those persons, who have just studied from cook books and guides, should be banned, unless they undergo proper training and education under some proper practitioner.
  • Who are trying to synthesize miscellaneous elements of diverse Schools of Feng Shui.
  • If you do not go to a mason for constructing your house, but go to an engineer; if you do not got a quack for medical treatment, but got to a proper doctor, then why go to someone else. Come to ‘’, who boast themselves to be best Feng Shui Consultants, and they have reason to do so.
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