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Adukha Navami

Adukha Navami, Avidhava Navami

Adukha Navami is a ritual observed by widowers (men who had lost their wives). On Adukha Navami, Goddess Shakti is worshipped and the festival is celebrated mainly in North India. This day is also commonly referred as Avidhava Navami.

Adukha Navami is dedicated to women who did not die as a widow. Women also observe this ritual and they worship Goddess Shakti for a good and prosperous year for the family. In some regions, Goddess Gauri is also worshipped. This day can be observed by a woman only till her husband is alive.

Adukha Navami is observed on the ninth day of Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of Moon) in the Bhadrapad month as per the Hindu calendar.

Rituals and Celebrations
On this day, instead of the deities, demi Gods are invoked. Dhurilochan, a Demi- God whose eyes remain half-closed all the time, is invoked. Dhuri means smoke and Lochan means eyes. People observe fast and offer prayers to Goddess Shakti. It is believed that if one cannot keep fast and perform the ritual on this day, one can do the same on some other auspicious day with devotion.

There are many rituals associated with this festival. People in different regions observe Adukha Navamiin different ways. Usually, special meals are arranged which is distributed among the poor- especially, poor married women after Puja (worship). The widower’s mother, mother-in-law and great grandmother take part in the Puja and the rituals are performed. Oil, turmeric and red powder are used offer prayers in this ritual. After the ceremony, clothes and flowers are also given to poor married women.


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