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Agrasen Jayanti

Agrasen Jayanti

Agrasen Jayanti

Agrasen Jayanti is an annual event celebrated by the Aggarwal and Agrahari Samaj, a sect within the Hindu community, in the honor of their revered forefather, Maharaja Agrasen. The festival is celebrated on the first day of the dark fortnight in the Hindu month of Ashwina and is one of the most important festivals of the above mentioned sects.

In 2014, the festival of Agrasen Jayanti will be celebrated in month of Ashwina.

About Maharaja Agrasen

Maharaja Agrasen was a legendary king who established the first ever democratic system of governance in India. He was the ruler of the Republic of Agroha, which was predominantly dwelled by the traders and businessmen. He was known for his principles of equality, nationalism, socialism and non-violence, which formed the basis of his governance. It is believed that Maharaja Agrasen, who was s descendent of the Suryavanshi dynasty, was a contemporary of Lord Krishna andand ruled during the Dwapar Yug. 

It is said that Maharaja Agrasen performed strict penance to seek blessings for the prosperity of his kingdom and his people. He is said to have performed great tapsaya   to appease Lord Shiva and forced the deity to appear before him. Lord Shiva was extremely happy with the penance of Agrasena and hence advised him to worship Mata Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. With the guidance of Lord Shiva, Agrasena than started doing tapasya for pleasing goddess Laxmi.

Please by the devotion of Agresena, goddess Laxmi soon appeared before him. She then advised Agrasena to take up the profession of business, which was usually carried out by the vaishya community.  She informed him that this would ensure prosperity for his subjects till eternity. Following the advice of goddess Laxmi, Agrasena became a businessman, despite having been born a Kayasta. It is believed that is due to his blessings and penance that the people of Aggarwal and Agrahari samaj, most of whom are businessmen by profession, continue to flourish even to this day.

Celebration of Agrasen Jayanti

People of the Aggrawal and Agrahari Samaj celebrate Agrasen Jayanti with great zeal and fervor. Many shobhayatra’s depicting the life and working of Maharaja Agrasen are taken out in various parts of the country on this day. The devotees also worship Maharaja Agrasen and goddess Laxmi on this day and seek their blessings for greater prosperity and peace and harmony for their families. The day is also considered extremely auspicious for beginning any new venture or business.


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