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Bhadli Navami

 Bhadli Navami

Bhadli Navami
Bhadli Navami is observed by the Hindus in honor of Lord Vishnu. The day of the celebration is in the month of Ashad. It is generally during mid June. It is believed that the Lord goes to sleep for 4 months after this day. This is the major significance of the festival. It is also regarded as the last day for the Hindu marriages, and is observed on the ninth day of Shukla Pakkha.
In 2013, Bhadli Navami will be observed on the 17th of July.

About Lord Vishnu
Lord Vishnu is known to be the most powerful of the Hindu Gods. He is recognized as the one who protects the weak and serves the needy. He is also believed to have the power of providing justice and salvation to the devotees. He is able to appear for the devotees in different forms and Avatars. He carries the weapon of Sudarshan Chakra and has Goddess Laxmi as his consort.
According to the culture of the Hindus, the weddings cannot be taken place while the God is sleeping. This talks a lot about the significance of the presence of Vishnu. The devotees pray to Vishnu for having wealth and health in life. As per the beliefs, Vishnu agrees to the prayers only to those who deserve. Since the day of the Bhadli Navami is the last day before the 4-month period concerning the sleep, Lord Vishnu wishes to celebrate it in a grand way, the beliefs say.
As there are different forms of appearance of the Lord, the worships are carried out by the devotees in respect with the particular forms instructively according to the Shastras. Lord Vishnu visits the material world as Avatars to take care of the evil forces and to bring back the Dharma. Dharma is nothing but the law of the balance of nature. Lord Vishnu also liberates the devotees from the material world, who are worthy of the same.

Celebrating Bhadli Navami
As the celebration of Bhadli Navami concerns the last day of Hindu marriages for the year, it is celebrated by the Hindu communities to the fullest. Most of the Hindu communities observe this day as a special one. The festival is known as other names such as Bhatali Navami, Kandarp Navami and Ashara Shukla Paksha Navami. Apart from the enjoyments, the holy documents are read for passing the teachings on. And the songs are also chanted by the devotees, which are written in the honor of the Lord.


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