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Bohag Bihu

Bohag Bihu

Bohag Bihu also called Haat Bihu or Rangali Bihu one of the major festival of Assam is a celebrated in Assam and north-eastern India. Bohag Bihu marks the beginning of the Assamese New Year and is celebrated during middle the month of April. It is celebrated seven days after Vishuva Sankranti of the Vaisakh month or local Assamese 'Bohag' (Bhaskar Calendar). This festival is also observed in Bengal, Nepal, Manipur, Orissa, Kerala, Punjab and Tamil Nadu though called by different names like Baisakhi in north India, Pongol in south India, etc. 

The three primary types of Bihu are Kongali Bihu, Rongali Bihu and Bhogali Bihu. All the three Assamese Bihu festivals are related to harvesting. Being agriculture based state; Bihu is also marked as the symbol of happiness. Bohag Bihu is the biggest festival in Assam and celebrated in every corner of the state. It unites the population of the state of Assam irrespective of their religions and promotes the celebration of diversity.


Bohag Bihu Festival Date:

Bohag Bihu Festival 2017-April 14

Bohag Bihu Festival 2018-April 14

Bohag Bihu Festival 2019-April 14

Bohag Bihu Festival 2020-April 14

The first day of Festival Bohag Bihu in Assam is called the Garu Bihu, when bull and cows are bathed with turmeric and provided with new attachment chains. The second day of the Bihu festival is called the Manush Bihu, when women, men and children put on new clothes. Special dishes of the Bihu festival are also prepared at home.

During the Assam Rongali Bihu Festival, people visit their friends and relatives with festival gifts and food items. Bohag Bihu is a secular festival which brings in harmony, humanity and brotherhood among the people of various castes and religions of the region. People also offer their prayers to the Fire Deity and mark the end of the harvesting year. 


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